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Karachi BBQ & Biryani

There are few eatery options that only operates during the part of the calendar year and doesn’t require a year-round commitment. Some food businesses only float up and rely on the certain interval of weather and wouldn’t have require 24/7/365 commitment. For example, winters are a great time for grilled & fried fish places and the consumption of fresh fruit juices boost up when the summers go harsher. Only a few names work through the fall and winter as a sweep and enjoy the downtime through spring and summer.


But, I was wondering lately that the restaurants which are in striving phase and only be in the business either in summers or winters what will they do when the season changes?I think for those, there are only two options either they wipe out or they change the nature of their business, both of the options are strenuous. That is why, we’ve been facing too many closures in Bahria Town.


And here is the one example that made it through for now. Kashmiri Chai which was opened last year in December, they were only  selling Kashmiri Chai and haven’t secured much attention of customers even in winters so how can they manage it in summers? But, last week, they have totally changed its nature and changed it to a restaurant by the name of Karachi BBQ & Biryani. Now, they started selling all kinds of Barbeque items, Barbeque Biryani, and fast food items, you can get biryani in lunch time and Barbeque in evening. I’ve attached its menu card below.


Karachi BBQ & Biryani is located at 105, Side B, Jasmine Block, Sector C, Commercial zone, adjacent to G.M cables.



Opening time: 12:00 PM.
Closing Time: Until Midnight.


Contact Numbers:

Ayaan Tikka

The location opposite to the main entrance of Bahria Town is already a spot for all kinds of Desi food restaurants. At this specific area, Butt Karahi, Haji Sardar Fish, Zakir Tikka, Grill Cottage, Meatex etc are available. Now, another desi restaurant by the name of Ayaan Tikka has opened last week. Today I went there and picked up its menu card which is attached below. They’re selling all sort of desi foods, Barbeque and grilled fish. Along with dine-in and take away, free home delivery is also available.


Discount offer:

Due to its opening in Bahria Town, this restaurant is offering flat 15% discount on complete menu. This discount offer is valid for further one week.



Ayaan Tikka Family restaurant is located at main canal road, opposite to the main entrance of the Bahria Town and adjacent to Butt Karahi restaurant.


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