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Cafe Foodie Crush Re-Opened

Cafe foodie crush was first opened in September 2015, in Bahria Town. Its first location was at Metro Heights facing talwar chowk and then after some time, they shifted near to 115-B, near girls hostel, sector C. Eventually, almost after two years they closed serving in Bahria Town. I had updated about its closing last year in August.


At the time of its closing, one of the guy out there told me that, they are looking for a new location. So, a few days ago, Cafe Foodie Crush re-opened in Bahria Town. Everything is the same, like menu, taste, and prices etc, except its location.


New Location:

Cafe Foodie Crush is now located at main road, AA Block, Sector D. Adjacent to Abdullah Stationary and Book Shop and near to Surahi Chowk.



Opening Time: 11:00 PM.
Closing Time: 3:00 AM.


For more details & delivery:

Recent Closure In Bahria Town

Everyone is well acquainted of the new openings in Bahria town territory. Most of them have secured a positive place in the market that are already opened and some of them are still under-way and suffering to maintain a place. Well, we have witnessed so many un-anticipated and un-expected closure in the past and it is still happening. Few Restaurants, apparel brands, shoe outlets and other businesses are closed. Nevertheless,  new openings are quite more escalating as compare to these shutting downs and many renowned brands are also expected to open soon.

Here are some names that are closed and exit from Bahria town few days back.

Pizza ‘O clock:

Pizza ‘O clock had been operational for many months in Bahria town. It was located at sector E, commercial area near to Eiffle tower and clock chowk. Though, i didn’t tried their pizza so neither I’ve any idea about its taste and why Pizza ‘O clock is closed. But, it has closed permanently and Fish corner has opened at the same location where Pizza O clock was opened.

Cafe Foodie Crush:

Cafe foodie crush was located at 115-B sector C, commercial market near to Bahria golf and country club. Its been more than 2 weeks cafe foodie crush has closed but when I talked to them, they told me that it is temporarily closed. Now they’re moving to a new location. Most probably it will re-open in Gardenia market after 1 or 2 week.

The Grill Spot:

The grill spot was opened in Bahria town this year in June. In Bahria town, it was the second branch, its first branch is located at Al-Hafeez tower MM Alam road. Well, yesterday I passed near to Grill spot that was located at sector C, than I got to know that Grill spot is also closed now and they’re now moving to Faysal town.