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Eid-ul-Fitar Namaz Timings

Today is the last friday of Ramadan and most probably after 2 or 3 days Ramadan is now going to end. After completion of Ramadan Muslims in all over the world will be celebrate Eid-ul-fitar at first Shawwal. After fulfilling the obligations of Ramadan and other deeds we’re blessed with Eid-ul-fitsr that is the day of carnivals and festivity for us. Salat is the most important part of the first day of Eid. The main reason of writing down here is to notify, that the exact timings of Eid-ul-fitar Namaz in each Mosque of Bahria town. So, you will be well prepared for the namaz. Here are the timings mentioned below:

Grand Jamya Masjid Sector C:

7:30 AM.

Umar Masjid Sector A:

7:00 AM.

Qurtaba Masjid Safari Villas.

7:15 AM.

Al-Falah Masjid Executive lodges:

7:15 AM.

Sarwar Masjid Sector C:

8:00 AM.
Note: For ladies Eid-ul-fitar namaz will be arrange at Grand Jamya mosque.