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Best Dahi Bhallay And Chaat

Firstly it was really hard to find a good Dahi Bhallay and Chaat in Bahria Town Lahore. In start there were only one person serving Dahi Bhallay and Chaat. We didn’t have any choice at that time. Now new businesses are entering day by day. We’ve seen many new names coming up and going. I’ve never become satisfied with any one’s taste.

City Side Flavors:

One who has eaten dahi bhallay and Chaat in city side would never be satisfied with low flavors. There in city we have a good dahi bhallay and Chaat point at every corner. It’s not hard to find a good one nearby. This thing makes an impression on me that it’s not hard to make a good plate of dahi bhallay, chaat or even fruit chaat.

Bahria Experience:

But after eating dahi bhallay, channa chaat and fruit chaat from Bahria Town, I’ve come to know that it’s not easy for anyone to make a tasty plate. We had such a bad experiences here that I’ve stop eating chaat from Bahria Town Lahore. I fulfill these desires from city side.

Flora Ice Cream And Dahi Bhallay:

Someone ask me; have you tried chaat from Flora. I tell him that Flora is an ice cream parlor. I’ve tried their ice cream which is pathetic. I can’t stand to eat full cup of ice cream. He says that they are also serving Dahi Bhallay, Fruit Chaat and Channa Chaat which are tastiest in the town.

Well then I tried and become happy to know that finally we have some good option in Bahria Town Lahore. It is really tasty and now I can fulfill my Chaat urge from Flora.

Which Is Your Favorite:

City side has many better options, but in Bahria Town Lahore I’ve found Flora’s Channa chaat as best. What is your take on it? Which one in Bahria is your favorite? Tell me in comments. Thanks