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Demolishing Of Houses & Plazas

The construction of more than 22 km long Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop( SL-1 and SL-2) was completed and opened for traffic on December 22nd, 2017. It has been operational for traffic near to Adda Plot, Raiwind Road and connecting to Kamahan near DHA Phase-5. The residents of Bahria Town Lahore already benefitting from this route. Because the traveling time between DHA, Airport and Bahria Town has drastically decreased. It takes hardly 20 to 25 minutes to reach Airport from Bahria Town Lahore via Ring Road.


After that, almost everyone has been in a discussion about the construction of Ring Road(SL-3), which will be going to pass through Bahria Town and neighboring society NFC Phase-2. The third section of proposed Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop will connect Raiwind Road with Multan Road. Previously, according to some news, this project will be 8 Km long and it will have three bridges, two interchanges, two underpasses, and 14 drain culverts. But, now, most of the people assuming it will only have two interchanges, one at Multan Road and other near to NFC Phase-2. 

Route Inside Bahria Town Lahore:

Lahore Ring Road(SL-3) in Bahria Town will start from Golf View Residencia. It will pass through Tulip Extension and Rafi Block at an elevation of 300 ft near the Grand Jamya Mosque. Furthermore, it will shift towards Janiper Block and will end up onto the Canal Road and then NFC Phase-2. 


Demolishing Of Houses & Plazas:

Well, this is the only general overview of the project and had been surfacing for months. Now, after a prolonged wait, which already caused many issues and bewilderment for property owners. Today, in the morning, the government machinery has been arrived in Bahria Town and started demolishing houses and other commercial plazas that are on the route of Ring Road SL-3. Approximately, more than 480 residential plots and houses will be demolished in Janiper Block, EE Block, Iqbal Block, Overseas Extension, and Tulip Extension Block. And, around 60 commercial plots and plazas will be eaten by Ring Road SL-3.


Here are the videos and pictures attached below which were taken today: 


Well, definitely it is going to be a great complication for the nearby residents. This demolishing of buildings and completion of Ring Road in Bahria Town would take roughly 8 months or more(according to the government officials reports). Moreover, due to the close proximity of homes, you will face air pollution and no doubt will be badly affected by noise. Also, it would create hurdles and you will be required to minimize traveling towards this specific area. On the other hand, though I am not a real estate expert I guess it will considerably effect on the property business. For this, you can contact below numbers and get the experienced analysis and inside stories relating to the property. 


Nabeel Zafar: 0345 4301013

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How Lahore Ring Road Effect Bahria Town?

Govt. has recently announced for tender of Southern Loop Of Lahore Ring Road. It might pass through the Bahria Town. If Ring Road pass through the Bahria Town there will be a lot of ups and downs in property investment.

I’ve written a detailed article on how Lahore Ring Road will effect the Bahria Town in short run and as well as in long run. Read it at below link and give your feedback. What do you think?

Effects Of Lahore Ring Road On Bahria Town