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Yoga Centre In Bahria Town

I was never fond of this Yoga stuff and I had never been near to any Yoga center. There are many reasons behind this. Honestly, I never took interest in Yoga that why people are getting into it. For me it was one of the most boring and passionless activity for health. Because we have so many other thought-provoking options for our mental & physical health. Secondly, mostly people are engaged in other activities like joining a gym, sports clubs, jogging, exercises etc. These activities are more fascinating to all of us as compare to Yoga.

In my teens I also believed that it was only related to Indians and Hindus, I thought that it was a part of their worship. Well it is funny though, but after some time I realized that how wrong I was to think that way at some instant.

After eyeing on it, I have seen many people in all over the world who are following it in their daily routines. And I got to know that it has so many health benefits including breathing techniques, relief for body pains, mind relaxation and meditation. Moreover, there are very minimum side effects and injury chances while doing Yoga. One of the research also indicates that this is the sixth most commonly used health practice among women & men. Keeping these facts in mind Yoga trend has been adopted by many of us. People are now gradually affiliating to yoga more. Due to this there are more yoga art centers being established now.

The main reason to writing this all is that  Yoga art centre is also going to open soon in Bahria town. Before this there isn’t any specific yoga center for the residents of Bahria town. W.A Tai Yoga is a well known name in Pakistan for Yoga, Karate & Ninja. It first started almost 37 years ago and its first branch is located at CC block phase 4 DHA. Now, W.A Tai yoga center are going to open in sector C, they’ve already placed a front board, booking has opened and renovation work is in-process. The management told me it will take not more than 2 weeks to be fully operational.

Classes Schedule:

Karate classes:
4:15 Pm to 5:15 Pm.
5:30 Pm to 6:300 Pm
8:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm.

Yoga class:
7:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm.

Classes will only held on 3 days but above mentioned classes schedule isn’t permanent it could be changed after some time accordingly. Furthermore, they haven’t decided yet about the fee structure they will finalise it before opening. But the owner of this centre told me that they will set some discounts keeping in view of their official opening.


W.A Tai Yoga art centre is located at sector C, commercial area 120-A in basement.

Contact no: