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Time Exchange— Money Changer

Like car-showrooms, there wasn’t any proper money exchange facility in Bahria Town, except the service of western union and dollar east at selective branches of banks. Well, a few days ago, a separate money exchange shop has opened in sector C by the name of Time Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Ltd. I do not know when it was opened but I’ve noticed it yesterday.


It isn’t famous as other money exchange like Wall Street, western union, dollar east and AA money exchanger. But, I got some information about Time Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Ltd, it has several branches in different cities and working under the rules and regulation of State bank of Pakistan. The head office of this money exchange company is operating in Multan. So, it isn’t famous name or maybe I haven’t noticed it before but this money changer is authentic.



Opening: 9:00 AM.
Closing: 6:00 PM.



Time Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Ltd, is located at first floor, Metro Heights, Talwar chowk, sector C commercial zone.