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Peacock Changed At Mor Chowk

Mor-chowk-bahria-town-lahoreI believe Bahria Town Lahore has a department which seek continuously about increasing the beauty of the society. Every thing is going fine, no one bothers about such things and suddenly we saw some labor work at site. After some time it brings a good change at that site, new model installed, or made the old one better. Why this, no one needs it, it was already beautiful, but maybe Bahria Town don’t want to stuck on beautiful, maybe they want to deliver more. Maybe they don’t want to just satisfy their residencies but make them delighted.

Here in Bahria Town Lahore we have famous square with the name of ‘Mor Chowk’ Mor is a peacock which is placed at that square. But that peacock was small in size. Now Bahria Town has replaced it with the new one, which is of course big in size, easily view-able and certainly more beautiful.