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Road Barriers For New Year Event

It’s time to welcome 2018, to fire-up the sky and celebrate new year,  Bahria Town has arranged a spectacular Fireworks at Eiffel tower. Everyone already knew about the event which is going to start in a few hours, and few days back, I’ve updated regarding this new year celebrations at Eiffel Tower.


To witness this new year fireworks event a huge number of visitors are expected to gather from all sides of the city at Eiffel Tower. Therefore, to make this event well-organized and inch-perfect Bahria Town management took some steps. Yesterday, Bahria Town security and traffic department have placed road barriers on different sides. On main boulevard the U-turns are also closed, only one or two turns are open for the traffic flow.


Few Reasons:

  • The main and only reason to minimize the routes and put barriers on roads is to manage the traffic disturbance and ensure the serenity of residents.
  • Limit the unnecessary travelling of the visitors and restrict them not to enter into residential areas.
  • To provide a specific and straight entre and exit route to and from Eiffel Tower. Because mostly visitors get confused.


Bahria Town also placed few banners indicating exit directions on specific areas for the convenience of visitors.  Residents may face some issues due to these barriers and hindrances but ultimately it will save them to any inconvenience.  All the barriers will be removed immediately after the event. You can also use alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion.

Discounts & Offers:

Few reataurants in Bahria Town is now offering discounts to welcome new year.


Jamin Java:

Jamin Java in Bahria Town is located at Sector C, near to Talwar chowk, facing D park. It is offering flat 25% discount on entire menu.


Crosta 11:

Crosta 11 is located at tulip block, Sector C commercial zone, opposite to Bahria Golf and Country Club. To visitors and residents, flat 25% discount is also available on whole menu.

Lighthouse Cafe:

Lighthouse Cafe which is located at main canal road adjacent to PSO filling station. They’ve arranged an event to to fly free sky lanterns and snacks for both residents and visitors.

New Year Celebrations

Bahria Town always voluntarily celebrate and organise arresting events on every occasion. From last two to three years Bahria Town had organised Fireworks to welcome new year. Last year, Bahria Town has arranged an epic Fireworks and other activities for families, in three cities Bahria Town Icon Karachi, Eiffel Tower Lahore and Bahria Enclave Islamabad, at the same time. To continue this tradition, once again Bahria Town is arranging an event to celebrate and welcome 2018.


The event will feature striking Fireworks display at Eiffel Tower along with Food, Games and many other acitivites for families and kids. A music concert is also included in this event and some renowned singers are expected to perform. The event will start 8:30 pm and will be end till midnight. Both residents and non-residents of Bahria Town can witness this event. But, only families are allowed without any tickets or passes.


Furthermore, it is anticipated that the huge crowd is expected at this event, so there would be a traffic jam on S hahkam Chowk. To avoid congestion issues on that day, you can use other recommeded routes.