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Grochub—An Online Grocery Store

Online grocery shopping is always a good idea because of its several advantages. It helps save time, energy and undoubtedly a time saviour in emergancy. Over the past few years, online shoppers are increasing drastically. To cater to the needs of online shoppers, online grocery stores are also catching up with consumers promptly at the same time. Well, If you can check on the numbers of online stores, you will get to know that there are already hundreds of stores that are operational. Similarly, there is a list of online stores working specifically in Bahria Town. Some of them are closed and a few ones are still active. 



Here is another addition of online grocery store in Bahria Town under the name of Grochub. They have started their services in Town on 5th October. Like Live Fresh which was opened two months back, Grochub has also launched their website. All you need is to sign up and create an account. 


Product Categories:

They are providing all types of Grocery Items online including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and all other raw and manufactured grocery items. But, if you visit their website and official Facebook page, you will find out three categories of products are listed only. According to them, more products will be added soon on the website. For now, you can order 30 items of vegetables, 16 fruits, and 4645 medicines. All of three categories are on discounted rates for a limited time. 


Order Charges:

For orders, you can either call them directly or place your orders on the website. Moreover, Rs. 70/- are the base charges if the order amount is less or equal to Rs. 500/-. If the order amount exceeds to Rs. 500/- then Rs. 10/- will be added on every Rs. 100/-. 



155-A, Sector C, Commercial Area. 


Contact numbers:







Order Timings:

08:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Discount Offer By Bahria Bazar

Bahria Bazar is one of the noted online grocery stores that is operational in Bahria Town among others. It is functioning in Bahria Town since January and now providing several major categories of products. Bahria Bazar lists all kinds of women’s jewellery, stationery items, men’s accessories, stuff toys, fruits & vegetables and dairy products. A recent update on their facebook page was that they will be also providing car detailing services at your doorstep.


Discount Offer:

Well, Bahria Bazar’s Facebook page is about to hit 1000 likes and due to this, they’re now giving away more than 50% on discount on an entire range of Jewellery. You can check all the articles of jewellery and its prices by visiting Bahria Bazar Facebook page. Orders can be placed by messaging on Facebook and WhatsApp or you can also call them on below numbers. Rs. 10/- will be charged extra for each order.


Contact number:

Bahria Bazar

Bahria town have a significant number of departmental stores and other online options, almsot 30 stores are currently active. Most of them are absolute shopping malls with a comprehensive range of each category of grocery, garments, jewellery, cosmetics, toys, fruits & vegetable etc. Certainly each departmental store offer much-needed service of free home delivery for the residents. I’ve also compiled the complete list of all departmental stores, numbers, and addresses at one click in the telephone directory.


Bahria Bazar.

However, despite these ample of options, another online departmental store will be launched soon by the name of Bahria Bazar. Bahria Bazar would be a specific option only for Bahria Town’s residents. You can buy grocery, clothes, fruits & vegetable, stationary, accessories and many other products. Though we’ve already similar options to buy these things on a phone call, but they claimed that their core target is to provide each product at your doorstep at a cheaper rate as compare to market.


Well, for the time being, it is the only update about it, I do not have more information about this online store or  their way of selling, whether they will launch Bahria Bazar website, application or use other social media forums. I will update complete information here about Bahria Bazar after its launching.