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Pakistan Free-Range Poultry

There is no doubt about the fact that every type of food is essential for health in our daily routine and chicken’s meat plays an important role to satisfy all the basic and required nutrients. But on the other hand, not all types of chickens are healthier for our health and have some serious side effects on human health. Especially the broiler which is more like a artificial meat these days. I’ve personally seen their growth within 25 to 35 days because one of my friend’s father is in the business of poultry farm. My friend told me that they have been injecting antibiotics and growth hormones in chicken’s feed that help chickens to grow faster and to gain more weight.


Moreover, the major part of their feed prepared by re-cycling with the waste of chickens. And a recent study indicates that eating this meat three times a week is equal to taking three powerful antibiotic injections. So, you can guess that what exactly we’re consuming in the name of meat and I believe most of us already knew about this fact. And, the only way to avoid this unhealthy meat is to use only organic and country chicken(Desi Chicken which is hard to find).


Well, talking about chicken meat there are plenty of spots within Bahria Town and in surrounding areas that are selling broilers. However, for Desi chicken there is hardly any authentic option in Town, you may find out several options in main Raiwind road for Desi chicken along roadsides. This time in Bahria Town a meat shop has opened two weeks ago by the name of Pakistan Free Range Poultry. They’re only offering organic and desi chicken that grown up in their own field. They’re claiming that all of their chickens are:


  • 100% organic standard free range chickens.
  • 100% antibiotic and hormone free.
  • 100% green and grain feed without any commercial feed.
  • Grown in the natural environment within 24+ weeks.


You can visit their Facebook page to get more details about it, they’ve uploaded few videos and picture of their free-range. Also, with desi chicken, you can get organic eggs. They’re offering free home delivery within Bahria Town. The prices are mentioned below:


Organic Chicken: Rs 999/- per kg.
Organic eggs: Rs 160/-


In Bahria Town, their shop is located at main road, plaza no. 5, CC block, Sector D, a commercial area near to Mcdonald’s and adjacent to things mart.


For more details and delivery: