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Update On Internet Up-Gradation

Internet services is one of the prime issues in Bahria Town since the very start but now it seems like that this exasperating problem will be settled and you will experience the uninterrupted and upgraded internet services soon. Mr. Waqas Tariq(who is the regular follower of this blog) has provided the information regarding the current situation of up-gradation of the internet which is mentioned below. 

  1. Fiber distribution boxes are being added (27 of them) to different sectors, mainly located in gardens. Like for example, there is one in the garden near to Bahria School near Moor chawk.
  1. They have started digging to lay fiber if you see the main boulevard, the left side of the main boulevard at service road on house ramps has all being dug up.
  1. Bahria Cable wala will also be offering FTTN/E (Fiber To the Node and then Ethernet) internet very soon.
  1. I was talking to the guy and they are going to launch services in a month or so. They will offer the service using the internet/backbone of National Broadband (the subsidiary of CyberNet).
  1. National Broadband is a subsidiary CyberNet created to work with local service providers.
  1. Initially, the offering will be a maxi 10Mbps, which NB will update in the future as they have done in Karachi (up to 50Mbps).
  1. Note that I know it’s NB backend the service structure is the same, he is not naming NB right now.
  1. PTCL FTTN digging has started to energize all the boxes they have installed. 

Well, I am also planning to visit PTCL office in person to get all the other basic details. So, I will share more information here anytime soon.