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Book Fair In Bahria Town

The books have now more importance and influence on every age of readers. A research indicates that book reading and printing has increased by three per cent. This trend and habit of book reading is still growing. And due to advancement of technology many people also prefer e-books and keep them in their smartphones and laptops. People these days easily get books of their interest from electronic platforms, like ibookstore and other related mediums. But, it does not matter whether the books are in print form or in PDF, it will have the same value for us and will always remain our best friends!


Despite the fact that, book fair are more important and always encourage reading habits among all age of readers. Book fairs have much more advantages, as they give readers the option to skim through the book before buying. Moreover, books fairs have more variety of books from different publishers. Secondly, the books are also in discounted prices.


As we know that, in Bahria Town there isn’t any proper and separate book shop that meets the requirements of readers like liberty books, Readings etc. Only few places have some limited range of books that are quite inadequate. But now for the residents of Bahria Town, there is a book fair has started two days ago. It is located at Sector B, Safari villas in front of Safari mall. They have very limited space in parking area and limited variety of books. But overall, it has the capacity to meet the requirements of readers as compare to other book shops in Bahria Town. In addition, they’ve set different discounts on all books, and all the books are in discounted prices. When I visited this book fair I got to know that approximately, more than 80% books are new and other 20% are slightly used. Moreover, this is consistantly third year they’ve set this book fair in Bahria Town at the same location. So it is the best opportunity for all enthusiast readers to get their hands on on their favorite books.


This book fair will be going to open for 25 days and will end at the end of November.


Book fair timings:

Starting time: 11:00 am.
Closing time: 11:00 pm.

For more details and information:
‭0322 7458069‬


Book Fair In Bahria Town Lahore


There are two locations of this book fair for Bahria Town residencies.

  1. In parking of zoo of Safari Villas. (for two weeks)
  2. Above Zakir Tikka, opposite to house of Mr. Malik Riaz. (for three months)

First location has a limited place and limited books. Whereas second place has more capacity of books.

Discount Offer:

They are offering 20% discount on written price of book.

Green Valley has a book shop which sells the book at it’s actual price. So according to that it’s a good discount.

But if we look it as a book fair, then I believe, there should be more discount on books prices.

Fri Chicks Opened In Bahria Town Lahore

KFC give birth to many local fried chicken brands. Now we see local fried chicken burgers and chicken pieces brand everywhere in Pakistan. However their scope is very little and they limit themselves for just one branch.

Out of these local brands very few thought of improving themselves and start a chain of restaurants. In those few brands we have “Fri Chicks”. They have started many restaurants in different parts of city. Now recently they have launched a branch in Bahria Town Lahore. This branch is started on last weekend.


Fri Chicks branch in Bahria Town Lahore is located in Umer block commercials. Near to playing area Safari Villas, back (second) entrance of Safari Villas.

New Departmental Store Opening

multi-mart-bahria-town-lahoreMulti Mart is the new departmental store opening today in Bahria Town Lahore. It is situated in Umer block, near to backside entry of Safari Villas. This departmental store will target the people living in Safari Villas and Umer block mostly.

Importantly Multi Mart is giving 10% discount for two days (2 Days) only so grab the stuff you want. Opening is today at 6 pm.

There is lot of population over there but question is why they will not go to Green Valley and come over here? For me it is near to my home and secondly I don’t like a long queue for payment of single juice or two to three items. (of course Green Valley don’t have the ‘less than five items’ lane because they only have three counters at the moment, out of which two work at one time mostly).

Further this departmental store business is totally area based business. It is for certain people who live in that locality until you go for really big departmental store with unique products in it, so people can come from long way to shop there. Otherwise all stores run good and we hope same for this.

Lastly I din’t get their tag line ‘affordable/achievable’, ok I got affordable but what does they mean with achievable? Is this mean it is in your approach or what? I didn’t get that what they want to achieve or what a person will achieve after doing shopping over there. Well wish best of luck on their opening and hope it will go well.