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Attique Nehari House Is Closed

It seems like that the continuity of closings and quiting of many names from Bahria Town wouldn’t stop. Undoubtedly, it takes too much effort to set up a new business but it is more torturous to finally close it. Well, there is now another victim of this undesireable closing in Bahria Town which is ‘Attique Nehari House’. And it was the only option specifically for ‘Nehari’ in Town.


I have written about it at the time of its opening in start of October. Unfortunately, yesterday I got to know that it is also closed now like many others. The only reason of its closing is that, they was unable to get customer’s attraction. It was located at 96-A commercial area, Sector C near to Grand Jamya Mosque and adjacent to main boulevard.


Besides that there is another options is now available for ‘Nehari’. Because Biryani Master has started selling all kinds of Nehari at their branch.

Attique Nehari House

Few days back another desi restaurant has opened by the name of ‘Attique Nehari House’. It was opened on 17th September. At the time of opening they were offering 30% discount on entire menu. This offer is still valid and you can avail 30% rebate. Along with Nehari, Bar BQ and biryani is also available.


Attique Nehari House is located at sector C, commercial area shop no 96- A. Few minutes drive away from Chaman Ice-cream and Grand Jamya Mosque.

12:00 pm to 12:00 am.

Contact no:


There are a lot of options for eat-out places in Bahria town and they’re growing day by day. Many famous, local and international food chains are already operational in Bahria town and many of them are on its way. Well, few days back a new restaurant by the name of Foodaholic has opened in sector C. They are offering all kinds of desi and fast food cuisines. Moreover, if you are looking for adequate space to celebrate your happenings then they’ve a separate hall for parties and events. Free home delivery is also available by this restaurant within the town.


Foodaholic restaurant is located at Sector C, 91-B tulip block commercial area near to The Great Mall and adjacent to Cosmo derma clinic.

Timings: 1:00 pm to 1:00 am.


Contact no: