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Ghous Pak Travel & Tours

Nearly 10 to 12 travel & tours companies have been operating in Bahria Town and all of them are offering high-quality visa services, Umrah packages, and ticketing services. You can check the details of available travel & tours by clicking here. Not long ago, Vista travel & tours permanently closed which was open for business last year in November. 


Now, another travel & tours company has opened a few days ago by the name of Ghous Pak travel & tours. They’re providing visit visa services for all countries, Umrah services and packages, and tickets of all airlines. Here are the contact details mentioned below:



Ghous Pak travel & tours is located at Metro Gulf Centre, Tulip extension block, Sector C, Commercial zone near to Bahria Golf & Country Club. 



Opening time: 9:00 AM.
Closing time: 5:00 PM.


For more details:


Vista International Is Closed

Bahria Town has several travel & tour service consultants, if you go to telephone directory and check travel & tour section there are around 10 to 12 options that are available. Vista International is one of them it was opened in Bahria Town in November last year. I’ve written on Vista International and their services here at the time of its opening. Today, I saw that after a few months of struggling it has closed and there wasn’t any activity, their office turned out to be a vacant space.


Then I was thinking maybe they planned to change its location so I called them but they didn’t pick. So, apparently Vista International is closed now and of I hear about re-locating then I will update it. Vista International was located at the tulip block, sector C, near to The Great Mall and adjacent to Ashley furniture.


Well, you still have other options to get travel & tour services to check the details go to this link.

Vista International Travel & Tours

In Bahria Town, we have all major and utterly important services, like Health to Entertainment facilities, IT services to Security system, Hospital, Education facilities. Each and everything is available in town that meets the diverse and changing needs of residents. Ultimately, all these things make us more secure, comfortable and accessible to everything within our comfort zone. No doubt, while having these much-needed facilities we do not have to go far away from Bahria Town. In the list of all facilities, ‘Travel & Tour’ services are also way too important to be near by us. Therefore, we can easily find different Travel & tour offices in Bahria Town.


There are approximately more than ten ‘Travel & Tour’ offices currently available in Bahria Town. All of them are providing different facilities and services, most of them only provides Hajj & Umrah services, some of them have ticketing and holiday package services. You can check the whole list of these ‘Travel & Tours’ offices in our telephone directory. Recently, A new travel agency has opened by the name of ‘Vista International Travel & Tours’. It was opened in Bahria Town about a week ago. This travel agency provides all kinds of services which are mentioned below:


  • Domestic & International Ticketing.
  • Holiday packages.
  • Umrah & Hajj packages.
  • Visa assistance.
  • Transportation.
  • Accomodation & hotels booking.



Vista International Travel & Tour is located at 98-B sector C, commercial zone. Few minutes drive away from Talwar chowk and Grand Jamya Mosque. Near to Bahria Golf & Country Club and The Great Mall.


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