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Jimmy’s Snooker Club

‘Snooker club’ is the best place to spend some leisure time for many of us. And if you are a true snooker devotee than you will get to know how important these snookers clubs are. Well, for me it is certainly refreshing,  to hear about the opening of new Snooker Club. However,  the availability of these snooker clubs are insufficient. Many of the snooker clubs are way too crowded and have limited number of snooker tables as compared to the cueists. In Bahria Town, we have many options for ‘A’ standard snooker clubs. There are more than five snooker clubs are active in Bahria Town, i.e Strickers Snooker Club, Friends Snooker, Black Snooker Club etc.


Now recently, there is another snooker club in Bahria Town that has opened by the name of ‘Jimmy’s Snooker Club’. The soft opening of this snooker club was held about two weeks ago. But now its been three days this snooker club has officially opened. Jimmy’s Snooker Club has more than 8 snooker tables. Normally, you will find no more than 4 snooker tables in any snooker club. So, the number of snooker tables is quite sufficient so far to avoid waiting. Currently, there is no separate refreshment area or canteen in this club, but in the meantime you can get ‘Coffee, Chae and Cold drinks’. Secondly, they are planing on it, to establish a proper canteen and will be available in a few days.


Discount offer:

The price of one snooker set is Rs 120/- before discount. But due to its official opening in Bahria Town, they’re now offering flat 20% discount. Furthermore, they have not decided yet when this discount offer will  end.



Jimmy’s Snooker Club is located at 221-B, Titanium heights, Tulip ext block sector C commercial zone. It is near to Bahria Golf & country club and honey beans restaurant.


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