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Sweet creme ice cream experience

Now you have to make just one basic flavor to enter in ice cream industry. This is how McDonald’s is working in ice cream, this is how many other ice cream brands are coming in. Like wise Sweet Creme has done.

It’s a good news that a Pakistani brand has step in ice cream industry and successfully created their yummy basic flavor. Like McDonald’s they have created their basic vanilla flavor ice cream which is really tasty. All other flavors are toppings. Sweet Creme is buying imported flavors for toppings. They have also used imported ingredients to create their basic flavor.

Location in Bahria Town Lahore:

It is located on Main Boulevard Sector C commercial zone. In front (other side of road) of KFC. In circle commercial of Master Biryani and coming soon Johnny and Jugnu.

My Experience

I rate the basic vanilla ice cream flavor better than McDonald’s. It has now become my favorite vanilla ice cream so far. I try to have their vanilla base waffle cone which is of Rs. 100

Secondly I’ve also tried their Brownie + Ice cream. I’m already fan of their vanilla ice cream but they are also using very good quality brownie. I also loved that brownie ice cream.

Brownie Ice cream prices start from Rs. 180

Different Ice Cream Flavors

I’m not going to discuss all categories here. You can see that in below picture of their menu. But few which I tried or they are famous for


Most basic and lowest price option is ice cream cone. At Sweet Creme you can get a cone at Rs. 80/- basic and Rs. 100/- for chocolate dip cone.

Sweet Creme basic ice cream cone is awesome but their chocolate dip cone is of very poor quality. Their chocolate is of no flavor, it seems like you are eating a black color plastic. Not recommended at all. On the other hand basic simple vanilla cone is awesome and highly recommended.

I don’t like their cone biscuit, so go for waffle cone which will cost you Rs. 20 more but you’ll love it.


As I mentioned you have to create just one basic flavor. All other flavors are created through topping. e.g. if you have to create a Strawberry Sundae, then put the basic flavor ice cream and then add Strawberry Syrup on it, your Strawberry Sundae is ready. Same is the case with Chocolate Sundae and so on.

Price: Regular Rs. 190, Large Rs. 300


Sweet Creme’s specialty is Blizzard ice cream. It is like the McFlurry of McDonald’s. I’m comparing Sweet Creme ice cream with McDonald’s because their ice creams are alike.

In Blizzard, they put the ice cream, then flavor of your choice. It has flavor like Oreo, Kit Kat, Snickers etc. see complete list of flavor in menu pic given below

Price: Rs. 300 – 390

How is Your Experience?

Sweet Creme has recently started their Bahria Town Lahore outlet but it’s located in center of the commercial zone on main road which is hard to miss. So I believe mostly people who lives in Bahria Town Lahore would have tried it. Let me know in comments that how was your experience.

Waffle Cone Ice-Cream

The above kinds of shops especially for kids are rare in Bahria Town and you can hardly find a few shops that have the cone machine. And, despite its quality and hygiene problems you still can’t resist your kids not to visit. Actually, with a little pocket money, waffle cone ice-creams are best mini treats for them in the summers. This shop has opened a few days ago in D-Market and offers different flavors of cone ice-creams, shakes, coffee and other snacks.


I think they charge Rs. 30/- for small scoop and Rs. 50/- for large. A similar shop was also opened months ago by the name of Wido Waffle Cone Ice-Cream in Jasmine Block, Sector C. Well, it’s a slight update but in telephone directory, you can check all the available options of ice-creams that are available in Bahria Town.



This shop opens at 5:00 PM and closes till midnight.



Waffle Cone Ice-Cream shop is located at D-Market, adjacent to Lahore Chatkhara and UBL bank, Sector B.