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Amazon Water

Most people(including me) are not in a favor to spend extra few bucks to get water bottles re-filled. Because Bahria town already installed water filtration plants at each feasible location to provide refine and uninterrupted drinking water. And if you haven’t used these water filtration plants then read this article and without thinking twice, you can fill up your gallons.


However, some people still want to get refilled bottles on a phone call at their door-step due to their packed schedule or any other reason. For all those, Amazon Water is another option in Bahria Town that will be functional in a day or two. Recently they just installed a high grade water filtration plant along with water tank. Amazon water will have both options for the residents, weather you can get refilled bottles by yourself or give them a call for home delivery. Th charges for refill is Rs. 80/- and for home delivery Rs. 10/- will be charged extra.



Amazon Water filtration plant is located at 16-A, main road, Overseas A, few steps away from Surahi Chowk.


For more details:

Water & Filtration Plants

General Overview:

The increase in population has created many fundamental problems and it is the pedestal of many other crises. Mainly, it creates a shortage of utility facilities including Electricity, Gas and other essential necessities. All the crucial crises are directly linked up to the rate of population. Unfortunately, Pakistan is on the top list of those countries where overpopulation is a major concern and has been coping with these issues over a long period of time. As a consequence, water quality and purification of drinking water are one of the major issues that have ascended due to overpopulation. The demand for pure water shoots up over the past few years unexpectedly. The situation of pure drinking water is expected to become worse in future.


In actual fact, Pakistan is on the list of top 20 water-deficient countries in the world. According to the reports, it is estimated that approximately 44% of the population in Pakistan has no access to clean water and more than 90% of the population in rural areas is living without this basic need.


So, safe and pure drinking water is Pakistan’s most instantaneous and evoking problem, and need to be settled on an immediate basis. The issue is also highlighted in media nowadays, but it seems that it won’t resolve shortly or near future. Other than to resolve the shortage of complete water supply, the Government has launched a project by the name of ‘Clean Drinking Water For All’, in each Union Council. And in Punjab, with the worth of 965 million, more than 307 filtration plants have been installed in four major districts. It has somehow, sorts out the problem of clean drinking water in selective areas.


Utilities in Bahria Town: 

Though, Bahria Town has gained an overwhelming and symbolic attraction, to introduce a load-shedding free community. But, in the same way, Bahria Town was also the first housing society to lay all lines underground for all utility connections like Water, Telephone, Gas, and Electricity. Furthermore, they have also build overhead storage tanks to distribute uninterrupted water supply for all.


Water & Waste Disposal Department:

More than twenty thousand direct employees are contributing to provide iconic and innovative facilities to each community of Bahria Town. In addition, as we all know that, Bahria Town has many professional departments for different categories like security department, maintenance department, complaint department, fire & safety department and design studio etc. Similarly, Bahria Town has also a separate department by the name of Water & Waste Disposal department. This department is fully functional with several employees, vehicles, and machinery.


Office Location:

The office of this department is located at Sector B, near to Qurtaba Mosque and behind Fire & Safety Department.


Responsibilities & Duties:

There are several duties of this department in Bahria Town, some of them are mentioned below:


  • Operating and Maintaining Water Supply.
  • Purification and Storage of Water.
  • Providing Repair Facility where needed.
  • Respond to customer’s calls.


Water Filtration Plants in Bahria Town:

Well, we can not use tap water for drinking purpose because of its taste and unhealthiness. Therefore, Bahria Town has taken numerous steps to ensure the availability of pure drinking water for each resident. For this reason, especially in Bahria Town Lahore, you will find out plenty of water filtration plants in each block. All the water filtration plants have been under maintenance to Bahria Water & Waste Disposal Department.


Changing Of Water Filters:

Having a water filtration plant near you isn’t a complete solution for pure water. However, the only and considerable issue is the change of water filters timely. If these water filters aren’t replaced as recommended time, then it will do more harm than usual. Two types of water filters are installed in every filtration plant and they need to be changed after some specific period of time. The recommended time to change these filters are 3 to 6 months, and I got the information from Bahria Water Department, that they’re very concerned and always change water filters of each plant after exact 3 months.


Benefits Of Water Filtration Plants:

Well, it is essential to drink purified water and there are many benefits without any disadvantage of filtered water.  So,  without deep digging its health benefits, here are few advantages for Bahria Town residents.


  • You can save some money if you filled your bottles from these filtration plants.
  • The taste of the water is as safe and healthy as other purified water, which is available in sealed bottles.
  • Filtration plants in Bahria Town are active 24 hours, so you don’t have to wait for any scheduled timings.
  • Due to maximum numbers of water filtration plants, you can also avoid queue and crowd.


Number Of Water Filtration Plants:

There are roughly more than  10 to 12 water filtration plants that are fully operational in each location of Bahria Town. Actually, I haven’t checked all of the filtration plants, but one of the employees of water department told me about the number of filtration plants which are mentioned below:


1. Gulmohar block.
2. Ali Block.
3. Safari villas.
4. Jasmine Block.
5. Nargis Block.
6. Near Bahria Homes.
7. Sector A & F.


More precisely you will find water filtration plants in parks of each block.


A few months back, I heard that one of the residents of Bahria Town did laboratory test of a water sample from these filtration plants. Analyses report of the water sample indicates that water is more refine and healthy than other mineral water bottles. In conclusion, I would recommend everyone to use these water filtration plants, eventually you’ll save some extra money. Because each resident is already paying water filtration plant charges to Bahria Town every month, which are added to monthly maintenance charges.