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Xpress Wash In Bahria Town

These days cleaning windows and mirrors are as important as other maintenance process. Cleaning and shining of windows of plaza’s, homes and offices is quite difficult for anyone. Without using professional instruments and staff, you won’t get desired results. There are many other drawbacks of a dirty windows and screens. If your widnows are dirty or dull, the life of these windows might be shorter. It also shows that how professional, sophisticated or well-mannered you are if they aren’t properly cleaned. Secondly, your property would be more attractive, good-looking and even more unique if your windows and screens are cleansed with professional staff.

Xpress Wash:

In Bahria town you could see a lot of buildings, homes and offices. The only negative thing I observed that their windows and screens aren’t shiny and neat. The old procedures of cleaning are also declining becuase of the cost and results. Offices and plazas require more cleansing to their windows. For that, recently a new service has been launched in Bahria town by the name of Xpress wash. Xpress wash is one and only service in Bahria town that is providing appropriate washing and cleaning service of any type of premises. Their staff is totally professional and the instruments the’re using are import from Europe. They’ve most latest cleaning technology. You’ll also get your solar panels washed and clean by the help of Xpress wash.


Here are the few major points that are claimed by the Xpress wash.

1. We clean windows, fascias &  cladding conservatories, solar panels  and much more.
2. Professional, friendly & punctual  with crime-history checked staff
3. Guaranteed satisfaction or will return  & fix within 48 hours
4. Pure Water Technology  provides longer lasting shine &  no soapy smears
5. No ladders: Increased privacy, minimal disturbance or damage to property.


Moreover, they’ve completed many cleaning projects in Bahria town and also other locations of Lahore. The charges of cleaning are according to the height and length. You can easily get an appoitment by call or visit their office that is located in sector C umer block 23-commercial area.

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