Timmy’s winter fiesta

Timmy’s is one of those restaurants which had been opened very early in Bahria Town. At first, they got excellent response from the residents of Bahria Town. They have good taste and had a wide variety in menu. But then they increase their prices so high that people prefer McDonalds because of their reasonable prices and a well reputed burger brand.

In WINTER FIESTA, they are offering deals for families, two persons and single deal. As far as the family deals are concern these are mostly on pizzas e.g., 3 large pizza with 3 1.5 L drink in 3290, 3 medium pizza with 2 1.5 L drink in 1990. For two persons, they are offering 2 burgers with two regular drinks and fries in only 899/-. There are much more deals for family, single or two persons.

They are also offering buy one get one pizza but this is valid only for dine in or take away but not for home delivery.

Admission open in unique school

In Bahria Town, kids schooling was a big problem as there were few options for school. Only few schools including Bahria School or schools in other societies near Bahria Town were availble. But within few years, many well reputat school have been opened. Unique School is one of them. If you are interested in matric system for your children I’ll recommend you Unique School because they have very good teacher with special skills of matric examination. They have very good result of 9th in Lahore Board. Student got 502 out of 505 in 9th Lahore Board examinations. Fee structure is also reasonable as compare to other schools.

Now a days admissions are open in Unique School from play group to matric. Classes will start in March.

Tel# :0321-8486218


Adress: 212- Superior Gardens Main Canal Road Opp. Sector D Bahria Town Lahore.

Ureaka tours & travels

Now a days many countries foucsing on tourism and they offer good opportunities to attract the tourists. If you are interested in traveling then you should cantact to any tour and travel company and they will arrange tour according to your interest and needs. But it is very important to choose a well known agency to avoid any unpleasant incident.

Ureaka is a tour & travel company in Bahria Town Lahore. They offer different tours around the world. They provide different packages for Hajj and Umrah.

Umrah package starting from 66500/- per person which includes connecting flights and shuttle bus services. Hajj and Umrah packages include Air tickets, accommodation, visa and trasportation.

They also provide E visa for Sri Lanka for group or individuals. For honey moon tours, you may have 5 star or 4 star hotels with personal separate pool, jacuzzi bath, breakfast and sight trips.

Inside Pakistan they arrange tours for valley Sawat, Muree and all historical places of Pakistan.

Tel#: +92-307-4691810


Whatsapp #: +92-3004108351

Address: office 11 Bshria Canal Heights AA Block Sector D Bahria Town Lahore


green poly clinic

“We Care He Cures” it is the slogan of new medical clinic in the town. Dr Muhammad Akram opened this clinic who is Orthopedic and General physician. If you are fed up of crowd of Bahria Hospital, it is a good option for you to visit Green Poly clinic as it is newly opened so it has not crowd but has competent consultants . Check up fee of Dr M. Akram is 200rs in morning time from 9am-5pm.

Fee is very reasonable as compare to the consultant fee of some other hospital. Clinic is neat and clean and environment is good. Staff is very cooperative

Other specialists from different departments are also available. They have Gynecologists, Pediatrician, Skin Specialists,Gastroenterologist, Physiotherapist, Food n Nutritionist, Dentist, Radiologist, etc. They provide services from 9am-12am. Timing of different consultants are different and you have to call them to get an appointment or ask for the timing the consultant of your concern.

They also have Ultrasound facility which is done under highly qualified Radiologist.

And the best thing is that they provide free treatment for needy people which I think every hospital should do.

Address: 24-A Commercial, Opposite Victoria Mall, Bahria Town, Lahore

Tel#: 0307-6666922

Dial a sabziwala

Another vegetable and fruit shop with home delivery service is going to open in Bahria Town Lahore. They claim that they are providing best services in the town. As we all know that in Bahria Town, residential area is separated from commercial blocks, so ladies at home really need these kind of services. They claim that they will deliver every order whether it is small or big. They will deliver an order of even a single piece of tomato. Home delivery is free of cost for orders of 100rs or more.

It is not the first time in bahria town that home delivery service has started, many other services were started in Bahria Town but timing is a very big factor in the failure of these types of services. Many of them was not successful because they take so much time and they couldn’t satisfy the customer . Let’s see what they provide to the customers

Best of Luck!!!!

Address: 199-A, Commercial Sector-C, Bahria Town, Lahore.

Tell#: 0307-1900660-1

Security Instructions By Security Department Bahria Town

Below is the official statement from Bahria Town security department for the residencies of Bahria Town Lahore.

  1. It is again announced for all respectable residents of BTL (Bahria Town Lahore) to please inform Security Department before leaving the house. Security Department will not be responsible for any loss in your absence if you would not inform the administration.
  2. Keep your valuable things, jewelry, deposits, cash, etc in bank locker or take it with you.
  3. For security purpose, secure your windows with grills and install security home alarm system. Make sure to turn on the alarm system before leaving the house.
  4. Don’t keep more than 50,000 cash at home and you can keep only 6-7 tola jewelry at home.
  5. Don’t appoint domestic servants without National Identity Card and a card issue by Bahria Town Security Headquarter and Vigilance Department. Owner will fined if servant or maid found to be without security card.
  6. Visit your servant’s residence and confirm his or her identity.
  7. If you notice any suspicious person regularly come in your area, immediately call Security Department on numbers mention below: Bahria Security Mohlnalwal: 042-111-282-283, 042-35963624-5 and 04237862567-69, Bahria Security Orchard: 0311-183-1111, 04235451513 and 04235451519
  8. Check the locks of entrance doors and windows and in case of any fault immediately fix it. Make it sure that you have all duplicate keys of your house in your own custody.
  9. Keep the lights switch on when you go out for short time.
  10. Don’t lock the main gate from outside rather lock it from inside (so that no one can trace that house is empty).
  11. Stand your car in garage and save it with tracker. Lock the bikes with wire lock. Don’t wash your car on road as it will not only make the road dirty but to also avoid inconvenience for your neighbors.
  12. It is to inform you that don’t keep servant/maid from Jaranwala, Samandari and Toba Take singh. In case of high compulsion, check his or her residence otherwise in case of any robbery or unpleasant incident administration will not be responsible.
  13. Keep your pet dog at home and whenever you go out with them hold your pet with a chain.
  14. Labor working in under construction project should have labor pass issued by Security Headquarter. No worker or labor is allowed in BTL after 6 pm.
  15. Construction material i.e., barring etc, is not allowed to load on Rakshaw, Chingchi or donkey cart.
  16. Don’t allow children under 18 for driving a car or bike. There should not be more than two persons on bike and use of helmet is compulsory.
  17. Stop your children to play on road to avoid any unpleasant incident.
  18. Instructions for servants after having security pass:

a. Don’t give house keys to the servants . They should not have access to the bedrooms and keep an eye on their activity.

b. Ask your servants not to go outside and prohibit them from unnecessary interaction with other servants.

c. There is no permission for in/out of any household/commercial stuff without NOC.

d. Send your valuable suggestions about security to us on following address:

Security Headquarter Iris Block Bahria Town Lahore Tel # 042-37862567


Security Headquarter Bahria Orchard Office near Gate no. 2 Bahria Orchard. Tel# 042-35451513, 35451529, 0311-1831111

19. Leave a responsible person or a watchman if you are leaving your house for more than one day.

Note: It is an appeal for all respectable resident of BTL to follow all above mentioned instructions or in other case you will responsible for your any kind of loss and also you will not get insurance .

Chaman Reopened Today

Few days back, I’ve told you about closing of Chaman Ice cream in Bahria Town Lahore. Well they have opened their shop today. It is pretty much empty today. They are also missing some of their most running ice cream flavors. Moreover their bakery space is also empty right now.

Why Closed?

According to Chaman Ice cream; they were doing their routine business. Punjab Food Authority came to their factory and outlets to check the ice cream on monthly bases. Do their formality work and give them clean chit.

This time Punjab Food Authority came to the outlets and directly close it without any testing. They took the samples and seal their outlets until the results of ice cream came out. Punjab Food Authority kept the Chaman Ice cream closed for almost two weeks and now they have given approval today to reopen the shops.

Owner of Chaman Ice cream was pretty much annoyed because of this unlawful action by Punjab Food Authority. Well this is the Chaman side of story.

Flavors Not Available

Most favorite three flavors; Pista Badam, Kulfa and Pistachio is not available right now. According to Chaman, these flavors are in production and will be in shops within couple of days. Meanwhile you can enjoy with other flavors of Chaman Ice Cream.

Chaman is Closed

Chaman Ice cream is closed from a long time. Firstly I thought that there business is not running in Bahria Town Lahore so they have planned to shut down their branch.

I was in this confusion but then I get to know that Punjab Food Authority has closed all Chaman branches.

It won’t be wrong if I say that ‘Chaman is one of the most famous ice cream of Pakistan’ This was the product we can proud at. They were suppose to maintain the quality and focus on cleanliness.

Hope to see them back in business soon with maintaining good quality.

Perfect Time To Visit Rose Garden

Specialty of Rose Garden are roses.

Roses blossom in spring.

This is Spring.

Update on Jan 12, 2019: I get excited after looking so many flowers in Rose Garden so I said above that ‘this is Spring’. I’m sorry for that, this is not Spring, it’s winter right now, but Spring is just around the corner. January end and February is considered as Spring start in Pakistan. I’ve seen yesterday that there are many many more flowers are ready to blossom with in a month. Hope to see more flowers in February than right now.

Whole park is full of beautiful roses of different colors. Others flowers are also complementing the roses. This is the perfect time to visit Rose Garden. Have picnic over there or take your kids for swings and slide.

Barbecue is also an option at night which they have already arranged a setup. Bahria management has put a few grill stands (angethi) over there. Take charcoal, bring your meat to grill and start right away.

Morning Time:

Morning time is filled up with people doing walk and jogging in Rose Garden. It has a lovely 1 km jogging track (though according to many devices which note distances; that track in not more than 0.9 km). Still it is the longest jogging track we have in Bahria Town Lahore. Roses and flowers make the morning time more pleasant.

At night times, lights lit up the jogging track. Bahria turn off the light at 10 pm. Many people find night time more convenient for walk and jogging as well.

Open Air Gym:

Bahria management has installed some of the open air machines for exercise. You can stretch and do cardio exercises over there.

Share your experiences with rose garden in below comments section.