Al-Sadiq Graphics

There is no doubt  that we’ve been witnessing a lot of new openings every month. Well, each new opening needs strong advertisement material including its logo, designing, front board and the road streamers to cover up every possible location in Bahria Town. For powerful communication through advertisement, you need a good graphic designer and a quality printing to meet your requirements and make your thinking and ideas into a printed form.


For this purpose, Al-Sadiq Graphics is the available option for Bahria Town’s market. They’re offering every kind of printing on papers, flex sheets, making of LED boards and road streamers. The office of Al-Sadiq Graphics isn’t located in Bahria Town yet. Presently, the office is active at the Ferozpur road, and they’re also planning to open it in Bahria Town soon. Because there is excess demand of their work in  Bahria Town(according to them). So if you need to get the advertisement material and all types of printing for your business then you can contact on below number:


Tel: 0322-4878109.