Asani Clinic

The Asani Clinic organized by Asani trust has been operating in Bahria Town for approximately 2 months. I haven’t noticed it before because of its outlandish location in Sector D and I hardly been there once or twice before. Asani trust is a non-profitable organization to provide quality health and education to underprivileged. Asani trust has been working on several projects including education, health, women empowerment and social welfare. They have established first Asani school by the name of Al-falah academy back in 2011 near Bahria Town, which is supporting more than 230 students. The other branch of this Al-falah academy has also opened at Dervesh Kot. 


Asani Clinic organizes different health-related camps in different villages and has the facilities of medical specialists, screening tests, medicines, and spectacles. Around more than 1500 patients are accommodated by Asani trust. You can also become a part of this organization by donating and becoming a volunteer. Get all the details by visiting their website. In Bahria Town, the Asani Clinic offers General Physician, Eye and Skin specialist and other medical specialists. The consultation fee is Rs 100/- and for underprivileged, the consultation and medicines are free of cost. 



There are two different timings for an appointment. In morning the timings are 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and in evening it is 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 


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Asani Clinic in Bahria Town is located at 55, AA block, Sector D.