A Plaza Caved In On Saturday

Everyone knows that what happened to the three-story plaza situated in Chambaili block, which was collapsed on Saturday evening. There were hundreds of eye-witnesses at the time of the incident and a video which has already viral on the social media shows that how the building went down in seconds. The two floors of the building were occupied by Eco-Star(ground and first floor) and on the second floor, a snooker club was active. I visited this building a week ago to collect some information of a newly opened snooker club. Well, it’s a little late to write about the incident because I wasn’t in Bahria Town for the last two days and when I got to know about the incident yesterday, I’ve been gathering more information to share here.


The reason for the incident was evident that on the adjacent plot to Eco-Star building another plaza was being under construction. And, the deep digging for the new under construction building has damaged the underground water pipeline and disturbed the foundations of the neighbouring plaza. Due to this, on Saturday everyone in the perished plaza observed that the building started shaking, then all of the people came out and after a few minutes building was gone. Fortunately, everyone was safe at the site.


But, being a Bahria Town’s resident what happened after and before the incident was an immense disappointment for all us. Because the owner of the affected plaza had reported the issue several times to the Bahria Town’s management and no measures were taken out to resolve the problem. After that, when the incident was happened the owner again reported to the management about the shaking of the plaza but Bahria Town’s management didn’t respond to the issue by saying that presently no personnel is available for this matter. After sometime when the building went down the security personnel of Bahria Town reached the site.


Then, the heated argument started which lead to the scuffle between the owner of the plaza, snooker club’s owner, and security personnel. Rest of the security was engaged to diffuse and stopped the people gathered there who were making videos by beating them. As a result of the situation, Bahria Town’s security opened aerial fire and I heard that few residents got injured and also locked up in the cells of Bahria Town.


I do not know the current situation of this matter but the police had registered the case against Bahria Town on the complaint of the owner of the plaza. Well, we all believe that this is the most unexpected, highly condemnable and lamentable act done by the Bahria Town’s management and should be report on every forum so that in future any kind of moronic and humiliating activities by Bahria Town’s management should be stopped. However, these words aren’t enough so I will again write about it in details that what Bahria Town will do to protect the basic rights of its own residents.

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  1. Security in Bahria Town is just an illusion. There have been several reports of firing in Bahria Town in last few weeks. Police has impression that it will be resolved by Bahria’s own security while Bahria Security waits for Police. So residents are left with no option.

    Reports of Bahria having private cells is a serious crime — Locking up citizens in private cells is kidnapping. Our media is already sold, and we, the residents are left with blogging and commenting only.

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