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Sieger Show By GSDCP

In the end of last year, two shows were held in Bahria Town, one was the pet show in November and the other one was gundog championship by Kennel Club of Pakistan. Now, another dog show is happening in Bahria Town by the name of Sieger Show. This dog show is arranged by German Shepherd Dog Club Pakistan. It’s more like a competition between different categories of German Shepherd Dogs. Well, the registration was closed on 31st January 2018, but you can still witness this show tomorrow and bring your kids there to enjoy this event. And any other pets and dogs are not allowed in this show except German Shepherd dogs.



The venue is same as previous shows, Sieger Show is arranged at cricket academy, located at BB block, near to Mcdonalds.



The show will start at 10:00 AM tomorrow.

Qawwali Night

Cinegold Plex Lahore recently organized an event of Bonfire along with live music and Barbeque. Now, they’ve arranged another event for the residents and it’s a Qawwali Night with live Barbeque. The event will continue for two days 26th January & 27Th January, and the timings are 7:00 PM to 12:30 AM. The entry is free for this event, you don’t have to buy any ticket or pass for the entry.



Qawwali Night will be held at Cinegold Plex, Sector F, near to Bilawal House.


For more details:
‭+92 301 3089999‬

Road Barriers For New Year Event

It’s time to welcome 2018, to fire-up the sky and celebrate new year,  Bahria Town has arranged a spectacular Fireworks at Eiffel tower. Everyone already knew about the event which is going to start in a few hours, and few days back, I’ve updated regarding this new year celebrations at Eiffel Tower.


To witness this new year fireworks event a huge number of visitors are expected to gather from all sides of the city at Eiffel Tower. Therefore, to make this event well-organized and inch-perfect Bahria Town management took some steps. Yesterday, Bahria Town security and traffic department have placed road barriers on different sides. On main boulevard the U-turns are also closed, only one or two turns are open for the traffic flow.


Few Reasons:

  • The main and only reason to minimize the routes and put barriers on roads is to manage the traffic disturbance and ensure the serenity of residents.
  • Limit the unnecessary travelling of the visitors and restrict them not to enter into residential areas.
  • To provide a specific and straight entre and exit route to and from Eiffel Tower. Because mostly visitors get confused.


Bahria Town also placed few banners indicating exit directions on specific areas for the convenience of visitors.  Residents may face some issues due to these barriers and hindrances but ultimately it will save them to any inconvenience.  All the barriers will be removed immediately after the event. You can also use alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion.

Discounts & Offers:

Few reataurants in Bahria Town is now offering discounts to welcome new year.


Jamin Java:

Jamin Java in Bahria Town is located at Sector C, near to Talwar chowk, facing D park. It is offering flat 25% discount on entire menu.


Crosta 11:

Crosta 11 is located at tulip block, Sector C commercial zone, opposite to Bahria Golf and Country Club. To visitors and residents, flat 25% discount is also available on whole menu.

Lighthouse Cafe:

Lighthouse Cafe which is located at main canal road adjacent to PSO filling station. They’ve arranged an event to to fly free sky lanterns and snacks for both residents and visitors.

New Year Celebrations

Bahria Town always voluntarily celebrate and organise arresting events on every occasion. From last two to three years Bahria Town had organised Fireworks to welcome new year. Last year, Bahria Town has arranged an epic Fireworks and other activities for families, in three cities Bahria Town Icon Karachi, Eiffel Tower Lahore and Bahria Enclave Islamabad, at the same time. To continue this tradition, once again Bahria Town is arranging an event to celebrate and welcome 2018.


The event will feature striking Fireworks display at Eiffel Tower along with Food, Games and many other acitivites for families and kids. A music concert is also included in this event and some renowned singers are expected to perform. The event will start 8:30 pm and will be end till midnight. Both residents and non-residents of Bahria Town can witness this event. But, only families are allowed without any tickets or passes.


Furthermore, it is anticipated that the huge crowd is expected at this event, so there would be a traffic jam on S hahkam Chowk. To avoid congestion issues on that day, you can use other recommeded routes.

Gundog Championship Show

Last week, a successful pet show was held in Bahria Town at cricket stadium, Sector D. Along with pet show, every year Bahria Town have arranged a separate Dog Show for the residents. Now, another Dog show is going to held on 17th December, which is arranged by under the supervision of Federation Cynologique International and Kennel Club of Pakistan. (Federation Cynologique International is the largest international federation of Kennel Clubs).


This dog show is basically a competition and championship between dogs, and an Australian man named Adrian Jones and two other persons will judge the show. The show will start on 11:30 in morning and will be end at 7:00 pm. Well, due to some technical issues I was unable to write about it in more details timely. You can find some details and schedule of whole day in below attachment.


Venue of the dog show is cricket stadium, which is located at BB block, sector D.

Bonfire, Arabian Nights

Bahria Town School & College, is now going to arrange an Arabian Night themetic Bonfire. Last year in December, Atif Aslam’s concert was also arranged in sector B campus. And earlier this month, they have also organized an event for Eid Milad un Nabi and a Naat competition among students. The Mid-year examination and send-up exams for intermediate has already started. So after the completion of these exams Bonfire will be held in the school. Along with Bonefire night, other activities are also part of this event including:


  • Food court.
  • Games & Rides.
  • Face Painting.
  • Jumping Castle.
  • Bravians Music Concert.
  • Live Performances.


The event by Bahria Town School & College is not just for the school community and students, but it will be opened for all Bahria Town’s residents. For the entry of this event you have to buy a ticket, which is available at front desk of all campuses(Sector A,B & C) of Bahria Town School & College. Entry is not allowed for any single person, it is only valid for children and families.


Ticket Price:
Rs 400/- per person.


Bonfire night will be held at Bahria Town School Girls campus, Sector B, on Saturday, 23rd December. Timings are 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


For More Details & Tickets:


Sector A campus:


Sector B campus:


Sector C campus:

Pet Show

Events like Pet shows are very rare and you can hardly witness these kind of shows. In the start of this month, one of the largest Pet show was held in Expo Centre Lahore. Now, like last year and every year before, Bahria Town have arranged Pet shows for its residents. In 2015, two events were held by the management of Bahria Town. One was a Dog Show and other was a Pet Show. Last year in 2016, in April, a Pet Show was also arranged at cricket ground. Normally, previous Pet Shows were arranged in start of the year but this time it is a little bit late. Well, maintaining this consistency, yesterday, Bahria Town management has placed the boards in whole Bahria Town. The advertisement boards stating that, the pet show is now going to held on Sunday, 10th December, 2017.


As it is mentioned in the above picture, the procedure for registration is very simple. The registration for Pet show will be done on the day of Pet show, at the venue.  The Pet show will start at 1:00 pm and registration will take place between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. I did not witnessed the previous shows. However, Bahria Town has also arrange refreshments on cash payments. All sorts of pets animals and birds are included in the show. The display of animals will continue to further for a day or two.



The venue is same as last year, this Pet show will be held at Cricket ground, which is located at BB block, Sector D.


Flower Competition:

Moreover, Bahria Town also arrange a flower competition every year. The competition is all about, how good you maintain your inside and outside lawns by flowers. There are normally five categories of this competition, and only those can take part, who have registered themselves by submitting applications. At the day of Pet Show, prize distribution cermony of flower competition will also be held.

Eid-ul-Fitar Namaz Timings

Today is the last friday of Ramadan and most probably after 2 or 3 days Ramadan is now going to end. After completion of Ramadan Muslims in all over the world will be celebrate Eid-ul-fitar at first Shawwal. After fulfilling the obligations of Ramadan and other deeds we’re blessed with Eid-ul-fitsr that is the day of carnivals and festivity for us. Salat is the most important part of the first day of Eid. The main reason of writing down here is to notify, that the exact timings of Eid-ul-fitar Namaz in each Mosque of Bahria town. So, you will be well prepared for the namaz. Here are the timings mentioned below:

Grand Jamya Masjid Sector C:

7:30 AM.

Umar Masjid Sector A:

7:00 AM.

Qurtaba Masjid Safari Villas.

7:15 AM.

Al-Falah Masjid Executive lodges:

7:15 AM.

Sarwar Masjid Sector C:

8:00 AM.
Note: For ladies Eid-ul-fitar namaz will be arrange at Grand Jamya mosque.

Lucky Draw By TGM

Few days ago before starting of Ramadan we’ve updated about the umrah ticket by TGM which would give to the lucky one’s through a lucky draw. There are also more gifts like microwave oven, dinner sets and much more. To check all the details go to this link.

Lucky draw date & timings:

Well they hadn’t announced any specific date for the lucky draw before. But now there is a good news for those who are participating and already added their names into the lucky draw through shopping of Rs 1000/- and more. This lucky draw will be held on Chand Raat after Iftari. We wish best of luck to all the participants.

Note: Still there is a chance for those who wish to participate in this luck draw. You just have to go to TGM and have to spend Rs 1000/- minimum.

Endurance By Superior Gaming Arena

Superior Gaming Arena which is located at Superior Garden Opp. Bahria town brings Endurance Intense stamina and strength competition. In this competition players are coming to participate from all over Pakistan and the good thing is that there is no entry fee for players who want to join it. Competion is divided into two categories:

Professional Category.
  • Push ups competition with weight on back.
  • Plank with weight on back.
  • Burpees with weight on back.
  • Punches with 5 kg weight in each hand.
  • Squat Jumps.
Public Participation.
  • Deadlift, Burpees, Squats.
  • Tug of War.
Venue & Timings:

Venue is Superior Gaming Arena & Paintball located at Superior Gardens. Competition will start after Maghrib at 8th April, 2017.