Cell Mart Bahria Orchard

In Bahria Orchard, commercial market is limited for the residents. We’ve few choices out there, whether its a grocery store or other daily routine usage things. On the other hand population there is also specific in numbers. Banks, cinema, departmental stores, fresh juice shops, fruit & vegetable shops and also some meat shops are currently functional. The growth of orchard market is very moderate and slow moving.

Cell Mart:

Well, there is a newmobile shop by the name of cell mart. This shop was active about a month ago. You’ll find all kinds of mobile accessories, easy load and calling cards from there. They’ve also other segment for Dvd’s and mp3 cd’s. Today, I bought a DVD and it cost me Rs 200/-. I think the prices of everything at this shop are bit high. But the positive thing is that it is the one and only specific mobile shop now we’ve in Bahria Orchard.


Shop timings:

3:00 pm to 1:00 am.

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