Easy Mart A New Departmental Store


A new small size departmental store is opened with the name of Easy Mart in Jasmine Mall, Sector C commercial zone, Bahria Town Lahore. Al-Bake is a famous general store in Bahria Town which is now shifted in Easy Mart.

I’ve given them a visit but didn’t find any enormous difference as compare to Al-Bake. Area is bigger but it seems that they have same stock as they have in Al-Bake. But this is the current situation of Easy Mart and they are putting more stock in the store.

Special Offer:

Bread and Beyond is giving 20% off in Easy Mart but I didn’t get it that for how long. If you came to Bahria Town Lahore then you have noticed the road hoardings with 20% discount.

Let’s see how this mart turn out to be… I’ll update about it later as well.

2 thoughts on “Easy Mart A New Departmental Store”

  1. Easy mart is good store,all the workers are good but one worker st the stationary side is good he do bad things with girls one day he touched me and I was so sad what will happen to our country.
    Please my request is to out him of easy mart or else I will take another media step.
    Just this is my request……….
    ( the boy who has a shave and always in the stationary side)

  2. These guys overcharge on different items please beware these are thugs
    This is not the first time it happened specially the morning manager on the store has worst attitude. I would suggest to use other stores rather then these non professionals.

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