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    1. Dear Usman Ghani,
      In Sector F new deal is launched, or you can say balloting of few plots are also done in Tipu and Sikandar Block.
      Own depends on the location of the plots.
      For more info, please contact me at 0300-8446790

  1. Salam
    I have a 10 marla file in Bahria Town Lahore Golf View Residencia – North side. I bought it 1.5 years ago and paid 13 lakh own.
    I have 2 questions?
    1- How much is the current price if I want to sell it?
    2- Is it a good idea to sell this and buy in Bahria Town Karachi?

          1. Why and how can you say there is no buyer as of now for Golf View Residencia? As for a plot 38 to 40 Lac is quite high for an area where it is not on ground or developed yet, while other areas where you can make a house today are at this rate. Is this a flop scheme or not completing soon scheme? unless you think this is not a good area of interest for people?

  2. what is the on ground situation (development status) in Alamgir Block , sector F ??? is it good to invest there??? How much a facing Park sort of plot cost there??

  3. Dear Brother Abu-Osaid,
    I have already allocation plot number of sector F, but i checked many queries to asking balloting in Sector F, so what it means? is there any other balloting of Sector F? what is development status ? i have 10 marla in Sheikh Saadi block.
    Pls update if you have any news?

  4. Which area/block within Bahria Town Lahore is best for building/buying a 10 marla house from prespective of a family moving from overseas. We are considering sending kids to a school in Gulberg II area…will that be too far from Bahria Town? Approximately how long will it take for the commute? We have a 8 marla plot in Bahria Orchard Low Cost Scheme….will it be a good idea to build a house there or sell and buy something in one of the blocks in Bahria Town? Security, cleanliness, no loadshedding and other facilities of Bahria is attracting us toward Bahria, but as I dont know Lahore well I am not sure if commuting everyday to the main city is reasonable or not.

    1. You can’t get a Bahria Town lifestyle in whole Pakistan. No doubt they are giving extraordinary facilities. I live in it and cherish it daily. Read about the services on this link: http://lifeatbahriatown.com/boom-and-fall-in-property-investment-at-bahria-town-lahore/

      Jasmine block and DD block are very good place to buy a 10 Marla plot. Jasmine is in center of Bahria Town. On the other hand DD block is on canal road which will make it easy to travel within the city, in your case to Gulberg, daily.

      It is almost 30 minutes drive to Gulberg from Bahria Town

    1. Bahria Education and Medical City has seen a good growth in price recently. That was after the announcement of possession. Now growth will be after some time.

      Look into Bahria Orchard, which is expected to have possession in December. That will certainly result in price raise.

  5. Assalamoalikum!
    Thank you everyone. I am planning to move to BT Lahore. I see the map, its huge. Which sector is best to live in a rental apartment? One of my kids is going to pre-school and the other to grade I. My range is around 30,000 and perhaps 5-8 marla? I will be commuting daily between johar town and BT.
    Thank you.

    1. Haven’t seen any news about it. If it starts then it would be with Bahria Cutlery department in Bahria Town School. I’ll write about it if anything like this come in front of my eye

    1. Most probably this project will come without a golf ground. Secondly if it is developed, prices of plots will be good.

      Prices of 2 Kanal plot in Bahria is around 3.5 crore.

      If you want to buy or sell any plot, you can contact at 0345-4301013 (Nabeel Zafar)

  6. I want to know if i can find a reasonable electrician and plumber in Bahria Town near Gardinia Block?? Much appreciate if someone can share the number.

  7. I am not resident of bahria town lahore can i join HORSE RIDING CLUB of bahria town. and kindly also update about fees per month of horse riding club

  8. If you could please suggest a good pure milk non-packaged source in Bahia town based on your personal experience and/or positive reviews from the people.

  9. Where can I get the elevation design and construction map of nishtar block. I am not building a house yet. Just curious to see it 😉 .

    1. You can see the construction sites of 10 marla houses in Nishtar block.

      If you have 1 Kanal plot then there is not fixed elevation. You can go on with your own choice

  10. I’m looking for IT services for my office in Bahria town. Initially, we need to get the following done;

    1. Networking
    2. Internet access and controls on all nodes.

    There’re going to be other requirements like routine windows troubleshooting etc.

  11. I m running a dental clinic since 2.5years. I want that name of my clinic should be visible in list of clinics in bahria town. What is the procedure??

  12. Hi. I want to book Eiffel tower to hang a huge banner for 15 mins and then eventually a good dinner decor and stuff for my anniversary. Can you please give me details on how can I do that and who should I talk to.. Looking forward to a quick reply as Im very short of time..

  13. If possible, please also add Google Map locations for all the departmental stores, or for that matter every listing in the Telephone Directory. This will make it convenient to save and drive to the place.

  14. @Farhan Khan Chen One is opening behind Biryani master. I was told this by my father who went there today. Please have a look and share updates on when it will open?

  15. Is sector D block AA lahore is suitable for living purpose. What r the quality of their houses and what r their monthly maintenance charges.

    1. Yes it is a very nice place to live. Quality of houses will vary as houses are constructed by different builders. You will get to know that by visiting them.

      Monthly maintenance charges for 5 marla house is Rs. 1,500/-

  16. Outlook of every house looks very nice, but we doubted that it is well built or not . The terrace of every house is attached with other so close that we easily entered into other house or other easily ours,is their any opportunitie to built wall there or we place plants here so someone prvicay will not disturb.

  17. Why have I stopped receiving email updates? The last email update I received was for “Replicas In Bahria Town”.

    1. Forgot to add,
      I would like to wish you a happy new year!

      Looking forward to seeing more posts from you this year.

      1. I am still not getting email updated when you post a new article. I used to get them previously. Can you please take a look.

  18. What’s being constructed adjacent to Mcdonald’s? I heard it’s Hardee’s. Have you any information in this regard?

    1. I would like to know about this too. As of now, the traffic situation at shahkam chowk is a hindrance for me, on deciding to buy a home and shift to bahria town.

      Is something being planned to eliminate this?

  19. Hi
    I want to know few things and will appreciate any help.
    I live in Jasmine block (far end new the village , Akhtar saed dental college)
    1- Any Good internet , fibre, dsl with consistent speeds , I am using evo wingle and sometimes i get 5mb and sometimes just 2kbp. its total night mare.
    2- I see boards for Jogging Track near talwar and moor chowk but then they diappear ? any one knows where is this Jogging track?

    1. Hello Fahad,
      1. PTCL is laying fiber optic cable these days, they have a deadline of end of April, you should be able to get high speed FTTH connection after than, so it’s better to wait for a month.
      2. As far as I know only Rose Garden has the jogging track. If you take the road from Bahria Mosque to Bechnhose, go startight and it will be on your left. for easier direction see Google maps “Rose Garden / Football club”

  20. Hello Farhan,
    Can you please also update on the PTCL fiber (FTTH) progress after making some inquiries?

    This is what I know so far;
    1. Fiber distribution boxes are being added (27 of them) to different sectors, mainly located on gardens. Like for example there is one in the garden near to Bahria School near Moor chawk.
    2. They have started digging to lay fiber, if you see the main Bahria Blvd, the left side of the Main Blvd, at service road on house ramps has all being digged up.
    3. The lineman has said that it should be activated by end of April.

      1. Farhan, Have you any update on this? I can see new telephone cabinet near my house. I’m not sure whether it’s active or not. I don’t feel any difference in internet performance though.

      2. Farhan,
        I have another update for you, to add to the article for internet in Bahria.

        Bahria Cable wala will also be offering FTTN/E (Fiber To the Node and then Ethernet) internet very soon.

        I was talking to the guy and they are going to launch services in a month or so. They will offer the service using the internet/backbone of National Broadband (subsidiary of CyberNet). National Broadband is a subsidiary CyberNet created to work with local service providers.

        Initially the offering will be a max 10Mbps, which NB will update in the future as they have done in Karachi (now upto 50Mbps).

        Here is the number of the cable wala, in case you want to talk to him: Khawar: 0344 790 0868

        Note that I know it’s NB backend the service structure is the same, he is not naming NB right now.

        Also: PTCL FTTN digging has started to energize all the boxes they have installed.

  21. AOA readers, I am looking for a Qaaria Quran to teach Quran to my 5 years old daughter. Any one knows of a good Qaaria, please reply with details. JazakAllah

  22. What’s the best men salon in Bahria? I am having hard time finding a good salon in Bahria for hair cut? What are your recommendations?

  23. Assalam o Alaikum Admin,
    Kindly omit my mobile number 0321-4432096 mistakening entered under Multimart store by you. Kindly correct it as I have no concern with multimart departmental store.

  24. @Farhan, there is a new restaurant that is getting ready to open at the back lane of Jamin Java called ‘Lazat,’ I do not remember the exact location but if you circle the back of Jamin Java it wont be hard to miss. It’s a huge 2 or 3 floor restaurant taking 3 buildings I think. Can you please review with pictures and a tentative opening date?

  25. I kept on looking for Book store “Bookmarks” contact details. But i was unable to find it.
    The phone no. for Bhai bhai book depot is not of bahria town branch. Its for the iqbal town branch.
    Its a shame that bahria town lahore do not have any real entertainment places in there. No theme park. No public play ground for cricket or football.
    They have cricket academy but that is only for free.
    Life in bahria town lahore is so dull and boring.

  26. Hi,

    I would like to ask about the construction of ring road through Bahria Town. Would they be building a bridge or a straight road. And wouldn’t it effect the traffic flow in Bahria Town? I am concerned regarding the peace that we enjoy here with less haphazard traffic.

    Anyone has any idea regarding the construction plan?

    – A.

    1. Ring Road will pass through over the main road of Bahria Town in the shape of bridge.

      Flow in traffic of Bahria Town will not be affected with Ring Road. You can’t take a turn any time at Ring Road. One will only leave at certain interchange. Only those people will use Bahria interchange who actually want to come.

      I guess Bahria peace and traffic will remain same and people will get an easy way to get on to Ring Road from Bahria Town.

      I believe it will be a good thing

  27. There is a very good veterinary doctor who lives in Rafi Block. His name is Dr. Nisar Ahmed and his phone number is 03336717848. In case someone has a pet emergency, he might be able to help even at 3:00 A.M. Just putting it here since I know the pet hospital here closes at 12.

    1. You can arrange in any park through private caterer. Bahria will charge for their park rent.

      Plus you can see some options nearby, like marriage halls in Supreme Court society (in front of Bahria Town Sector D)

  28. Hello Farhan,
    No updates for sometime, hopefully everything is good. Just to let you know, Bundu Khan sweets is opening near Chaman

  29. Hi! My question is about the site: why don’t you activate ssl on your website? I can see you have a certificate.
    It’s easy just install Really Simple SSL plugin
    No sponsorships

  30. Bro, I have come to know that there is a new club has opened somewhere in Tulip Block called Budoshin Karate. Is it true???

  31. please share if some updates available on expansion of shahkam chowk as on 15 jan it was announced that a pre-qualifications will be held in few days for a flyover and a 16 km road to connect to Sharaqpur .

      1. further to above, please note i have seen some construction on Defence road after crossing COMSATS towards Raiwind Road, first of all it was digging for few days now concrete structure is appearing out of the ground at equal distances which seems like a base for an elevated road/flyover or may be large electric poles? please get information. i can take pictures but can’t load here.

  32. Hello, i want to ask two things:
    1- monthly maintenance charges of bahria town for 5 marla fully furnished home
    2-electricity per unit rate at bahria town (differ with LESCO or same as of LESCO)

      1. Thank you brother. Just want to ask further, are these charges for 5 marla house? and what services are involved in these charges? Again Thanks.

    1. for 5 marla the new charges are 1800 per month.
      Electricity is expensive. i utilized 215 units last month. and the electricity bill was around 5000. so you can compare it with govt. rates your self. i think in lda housings for same units the bill may be around 2500.

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