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Car wash service is one of the essential services we need in our regular routine. Many people prefer to wash their vehicles by themselves at their home. Because, this practice eventually save some money and for some it is a best exercise more than a washing. Despite the fact, washing of vehicles at home leads to some negative impacts on car, like scratches on body and might be shining of the skin become lifeless. And definitely you won’t get the adequate results by washing it at home without any professional help and services. However, mostly people would rather goes to service stations near by them to get their car washed. Spending some extra money on car washing service is the best and more convenient option to get desire results, save time and avoiding to this hectic process. Well, in Bahria Town there are very few service stations that are currently active. For those who are still wondering for a much-needed service station for their car washing, they will now get to know more about one of the service station here. Moreover, if anyone is interested to get car wash services at their home and want to book a car washer for monthly basis then Nokaronline is another option. Because, Nokar Online is  providing car wash services at your door step. You can check these details by clicking here.

Iris Block Service Station:

Iris block service station no 2, has owned and managed by Bahria Town management itself. This service station is quite economical among others which are located near to Bahria Town. This service station has ample of space for parking, washing and drying. About 4 to 5 workers are available at this service station and they usually wash 3 cars simultaneously. Secondly, two of the workers are appointed for drying and interior cleaning. So whenever I went there it doesn’t take much time and I didn’t wait for too long for my turn. They’ve also sitting arrangement for customers,but it is not as comfortable as it should be. The techniques and methods are quite old and typical, all of the services are done by manually. So it is not fully equipped and neither they use contemporary ways of washing. But the overall experience out there was satisfactory because their services are much better than others. And you will get your car washed from top to bottom that will give you peace of mind in such minimum prices. Changing of engine oil, Cleaning of carpet and washing of blankets are also the part of their services.


Service station no. 2 is located at Iris block, sector C. It is near to security headquarters and gate no 4.

Prices & Services:

Hatchbacks: Rs 150/-
Crossover cars: Rs 200/-
Full service hatchbacks: Rs 250/-
Full service crossovers: Rs 400/-
Motorbike: Rs 50/-
Compound: Rs 2500/-
Polish: Rs 200/-

7:00 Am to 7:00 Pm.

For more details: 0307-2813276


2 thoughts on “Iris Block Service Station”

  1. i need a car wash on rent i have a good combination of worker from upper dir swat kpk if you have any then tell me plz brother

    1. Bahria give this car wash on rent but it already taken. You can find space privately by yourself in Jaliana or places that connects with Bahria.

      There are still need for more car wash setups

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