Recent Knock Outs

Few days back I updated here about the recent closures of different restaurants from Bahria Town. I do not want to purposely write about these closures oftenly. Because, somehow these quiting aren’t suppose to be positive no matter how fast the new openings are in town. Well, not only restaurants but many other brands and other shops have closed recently. The Grill spot, Cafe foodie crush, Hush puppies, Dixy chicken, Pizza Clock, Pizza Hub, Pizza X, tobacco shops, boutiques etc are included in the list of closing. Many reasons and hurdles are involved for these names to be consistent to secure a place in Bahria Town’s market. Some may face location issues and some of them may not attract more customers to make their businesses in a running a position. Which ultimately leads them to shut it down permanently or to change its location or moved them outside from Bahria Town.

Well, to keep everyone updated, there are now few more restaurants that has closed. You can also check recent closings in Bahria Town by go to this link. Here are the names which are closed momentarily & permanently.

Illusion Bar & Lounge:

Illusion Bar & lounge was located 21 first floor, Quid commercial area, sector E facing Eiffel tower. Its been more than 2 weeks, Illusion bar & lounge is closed now. Moreover, they’re now planing to re-open it soon outside from the Bahria town. But there is no exact place and date mentioned yet when they will re-open it.

Brussels Cafe & Grill:

Brussels Cafe & Grill was opened this year at sector C, commercial area near to Bahria golf and country club. It is also closed now and they already re-open it at a new location of Iqbal town. It is now active at Kareem block. But it isn’t permanently closed from Bahria Town, because they’re looking for a suitable location near Talwar chowk. When they will find the place near to Talwar chowk it will re-open.


Fri-Chicks has many branches in all over Lahore and also in few other cities. In Bahria Town,  It first opened at Umer block near Safari villas. Few months back it was closed and they came up again with a new location. It was re-open 3 months back at Sector E commercial zone facing Eiffel tower. Unfortunately, it is again closed permanently and I believe that they will not going to re-open it.

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