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Both indoor and outdoor activities plays a vital role in the mental and physical development of kids. Every kind of healthy activity which involve mental fitness should be encourged. For this, in Bahria Town there are very few indoor places and spots for kids to enjoy their leisure time except Parks and Zoos. It is easy to find outdoor activities as compare to indoor. For example, Cricket ground, Basket ball court, Volley ball court, Badminton, Football ground, Archery etc are the most healthy activities and easily approachable for kids in town. To check all the information about these activities including timings and fees, go to this link. But, as compare to these activities, gaming zones and other indoor activities in Bahria Town are quite limited. According to my observation there are hardly 2 to 3 options are currently available. You can also check indoor games options in our telephone directory.


Roshaan Fun Mania:

These days, cold weather and smog is the main hurdle for kids that keeps them inside rather than play outside. Due to this, mostly kids of all ages prefer to spend their time in video games and other indoor activities. So, this is the best time for every kid to spend his/her spare time in any indoor activity near by them. ‘Roshaan Fun Mania’ in Bahria Town is one of the leading and prominent indoor activities place specially for toddlers and elder kids. You will find there every kind of arcade games, basket ball games and 7D motion rides. We’ve updated about’Roshaan Fun Mania’ almost a year ago. You can check these details by clicking here. Currently, they came up with different discounts and offers which are mentioned below:

Game Offer:

  • Recharge Rs 300/- and get 1 game free.
  • Recharge Rs 500/- and get 2 games free.
  • Recharge Rs 1000/- and get 5 games free.


7D Motion Rides:

The most attractive part of this fun place are the ‘Motions rides’. Initially, they’ve only 3D effects motion rides. But now they upgraded it to 7D, that is hard to find in Lahore, only few places have these 7D effects motion rides and Roshan Fun Mania is one of them. Those who does not have any experience as to what actually is a motion ride. For those, its basically, a 7D movie you have to sit in a motion chair and you’ll experience the unexpected sounds and lights. In some movies you’ve to shoot some subjects or to complete a task. And it feels like you’re actually doing it in a real situation.


Motion Ride Discount Offer:

In Roshaan Fun Mania, they’ve approximately 8 different movies in motion rides and have total 4 seats. The price of one movie and per seat is Rs 200/-. The total time of one movie is about 7 to 1 0 minutes normally. You can also allow to choose one movie by your choice. For now, they’re offering flat 25% discount on motion ride, that means you just have to pay Rs 150/-. This offer is valid for one complete month and will end in the start of December.



Opening time: 3:00 pm.
Closing time: 11:00 pm.


Roshaan Fun Mania is located at Roshaab centre, 20-21B, main boulevard, sector C commercial zone and near to talwar chowk.

For more details:
‭0302 5464035‬



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