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Libra Hair Salon

Last month, Trendzz hair salon was opened in Umer Block and now another barber shop is active four days ago by the name of Libra Hair Salon. This barber shop is offering all services for men and their prices are relatively less as compared to many other barber shops. If you’re searching for a barber near by you then check this link and get all the details of all barber shops in Bahria Town along with contact numbers and addresses.



Libra Hair Salon is located at Zainab Centre, Sector C, Commercial zone, near to Ravi Restaurant and opposite to Al-Kabir Town headoffice.



Opening time: 10:00 AM.
Closing time: 10:00 PM.



Hair Cut: Rs 200/-
Beard: Rs 80/-


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Riwaj, A House Of Hair Saloon

Chicago scissors in Overseas A, Am-pm Salon & Talent House, Cuts n Color in sector C, was opened in Bahria Town not long ago. All of these shops started functioning for its customers in the period of one month(October). The flow of these particular new openings of barber shops is still ongoing, because few days back another barber shop has opened in sector C. Now, with the addition of new barber shop and despite of few closing, there are still more than fifteen Barber shops are active.


Riwaj, A House Of Hair Saloon, is the new barber shop that has opened in about week ago. They are giving all kinds of services for men including, cutting, trimming, beards trimming, shaves, hair styling and shampooing.


Rs 200/- to 350/-


11:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Riwaj, A House Of Hair Saloon is located at 107-B sector C, commercial area and adjacent to Pick n Pay mart. Also, few minutes drove away from Bahria Golf & Country Club.


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Chicago Scissors Is Active

About two weeks ago I told you about the opening of Chicago Scissors. Now, its third branch in Bahria Town is active. Chicago Scissors is the only barber shop that has opened in Overseas A block. Here are the details of its timings and charges.



Opening time: 10:00 am.
Closing time: 12:00 am.



There is no opening discount by this salon like others. Because, their charges are already reasonable. They charged Rs 250/- for cutting and Rs 100/– for shave.



Chicago Scissors is located at Overseas A, near to Al-Falah mosque, Bahria complaint office and Surahi Chowk.


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Am Pm Salon & Talent House

AM-PM salon & talent house is another barber shop that has opened few days ago in Bahria Town. It is the third barber shop that opened its doors in town over the period of one month. The other two shops are ‘Cuts n Color’ and ‘Chicago scissors’. For the time being, there are now twenty to twenty-five barber shops that are active in Bahria Town. You can check all the details of barber shops in our telephone directory.


AM-PM salon & talent house, is one of a kind shop. Because, this barber shop is somehow different from others in many aspects. Firstly, when I visited this shop, I was surprised by the interior looks. It is totally elegant, classy and distinctive from many other barber shop that are operational in whole Bahria Town. They have secured a wide space for everything and decent area for sitting. Secondly, all the staff and stylist of this shop looked more professional than usual, all of them are wearing the same uniform that makes it more executive.


Shop Attraction:

The most attractive and unique part of this shop, which I perosnally liked it, is that they have different types of games in their shop. Arcade games, small table of snooker, chess and arrow hitting target game, all are set for the customers. And the surprising thing is that all the games are free of cost out there for its customers. For all of us the most annoying and matter a lot, is to wait for our turn in any barber shop. But, now I believe that this is the best thing to kill time to play these games while waiting there, without paying extra money.


Talent House:

When first I looked at the name I started wondering what actually  talent house means and what they’re upto. So later I got to know that besides barber services, they’re looking for passionate models who are willing to start their career as a model. And if they found anyone will be enthusiastic or passionate in it, and have a potential in them,  they will be promoted further. They will also make a portfolio for the individuals without any charges.


Discount offer:

AM-PM salon and talent house charge slightly high for their services as compared to other shops. But, I think the services and environment they’re providing for the residents, then these charges are justified. They charge Rs 500/- for cutting and Rs 150/– for beard. This barber shop was opened in Bahria Town few days back, due to this, they’re now offering flat 30% on all of their services. This discount offer is valid for the entire month of November.



AM-PM salon & talen house is located at forst floo, C-1 chambaili block, main boulevard commercial zone. Few minutes drive away from Grand Jamya Mosque and Chaman ice-cream. Near to talwar chowk



Opening time: 11:00 am.
Closing time: 11:00 pm.


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Cuts & Color

After having innumerable options in Bahria Town for barber shops. It is quite hard and intimidating to try any other barber and give up on the previous one. It’s a famous saying, ‘if you can’t trust your barber who can you trust?’. That is why, people always feel comfortable and satisfied to those barbers whom they choose and visit them consistently. But, still the numbers of barber shops are strengthening in Bahria Town. Specifically, for men more than 20 barber shops are providing services at present. Likewise, approximately 40 ladies salons have been established till date. So, look sharp and check out the complete list of barber shops along with the contact numbers and addresses in our telephone directory.

We frequently update here about the new openings in Bahria Town. So, keeping this up there is another Barber shop has opened in sector C by the name of ‘Cut & Colors’. It was opened 3 days ago. For the time being, they’re providing services for men & kids only. Generally, most of the barbers certainly have not earned any specific degree related to their field and few of them are trained by any institute. But, you can see in above picture it is also mentioned that this barber has graduated from Hair & beauty Art collage. So, there is a possibility that they could meet the requirements that you’re still looking for. And those who are fed up and tired with their stylist, there is an additional option for them.


Cut & color is located at 140-A sector C, adjacent to Ansar dogar Pan shop and opposite to Ravi restaurant also near to talwar chowk. Previously, at this location The Grill Spot was opened and now this barber shop is active after The Grill Spot closure.


Men cutting: Rs 200/-
Kids cutting: Rs 250/- to Rs 300/-
Beard: Rs 100/-

9:00 Am to 1:00 Am.

Contact no:

Leisure Salon

Leisure salon is one of the oldest barber shop in Bahria town. Providing all kinds of grooming services for men. Presently, they’re also offering some discounted deals. You can check all the details about it by visiting their facebook and instagram page. The main reason behind writing about Lesiure salon is that they’re now moving to a new location, which isn’t far away from the previous one. Currently, it is active at former location because renovation work has under process. Most probably it would take one more week to welcome its customers at its new location.


New Location:

The above picture of Leisure salon front board is of its new location. As I mentioned above, the new location isn’t far away. So, It is just near to the current location and on a walking distance. New location is still at sector C, near to main boulevard & talwar chowk and adjacent to Agha khan laboratory. Moreover, previous location will remain in the possession of Leisure salon. Because they’re planing to expand their services. I will update here in detail more when they came up with new services.

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