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Chaman Reopened Today

Few days back, I’ve told you about closing of Chaman Ice cream in Bahria Town Lahore. Well they have opened their shop today. It is pretty much empty today. They are also missing some of their most running ice cream flavors. Moreover their bakery space is also empty right now.

Why Closed?

According to Chaman Ice cream; they were doing their routine business. Punjab Food Authority came to their factory and outlets to check the ice cream on monthly bases. Do their formality work and give them clean chit.

This time Punjab Food Authority came to the outlets and directly close it without any testing. They took the samples and seal their outlets until the results of ice cream came out. Punjab Food Authority kept the Chaman Ice cream closed for almost two weeks and now they have given approval today to reopen the shops.

Owner of Chaman Ice cream was pretty much annoyed because of this unlawful action by Punjab Food Authority. Well this is the Chaman side of story.

Flavors Not Available

Most favorite three flavors; Pista Badam, Kulfa and Pistachio is not available right now. According to Chaman, these flavors are in production and will be in shops within couple of days. Meanwhile you can enjoy with other flavors of Chaman Ice Cream.

Chaman is Closed

Chaman Ice cream is closed from a long time. Firstly I thought that there business is not running in Bahria Town Lahore so they have planned to shut down their branch.

I was in this confusion but then I get to know that Punjab Food Authority has closed all Chaman branches.

It won’t be wrong if I say that ‘Chaman is one of the most famous ice cream of Pakistan’ This was the product we can proud at. They were suppose to maintain the quality and focus on cleanliness.

Hope to see them back in business soon with maintaining good quality.