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Event Spaces

Whenever you are shaping an event, there are many decisions you need to look after beforehand. All of that decision to a certain extent can affect your event. And, choosing a venue is one of the decisions that will have the significant impact. So, if you are looking for a venue for your official meetings, formal get together, birthday parties, wedding events, and any other occasion. Then, here are the two best places in Bahria Town. 


Platinum Event Lounge:

It is in Crosta 11 restaurant’s building. The building has four floors. The third floor of the building is the Platinum Event Lounge which is specially designed for get-together and events. Platinum event lounge has the capacity to entertain more than 100 persons. They will also give you a complete package of decoration and food. Contact on the below number for further details.


Tel: 0311-1903111

Address: 211-B, Tulip Block, Sector C, Commercial Zone. Near to TGM and opposite to Bahria Golf and Country Club.


SmokeHouse Grill Hall:

Smokehouse Grill restaurant was opened at the start of this year at Sector D. You can also book the upper floor of this restaurant for your corporate dinners, birthday, wedding events, and get-togethers. The event hall of Smokehouse grill has the capacity of around 50 to 55 persons. They have both options Buffet and Ala cart for the events.


Tel: 0300-0452471

Address: Plaza no. 57, AA Block, Sector D, Surahi Chowk. Opposite to Mart-One and near to Bread & Bean restaurant. 


Flat 20% Off By Crosta-11

For all those seeking the dining discounts in Bahria Town, here is the discount offer by the Crosta 11 restaurant. Whether there is any special occasion or random routine days, Crosta 11 on and off comes up with different discount offers and deals for its customers. Last time they were offering 20% discount on pizza menu only and did a lot of advertisement. 


Now, again Crosta 11 restaurant put up flat 20% discount which has been started on last Thursday and still available. This time the discount is valid on the entire menu from fast food items to its Barbeque range and all desi foods. This discount offer will be valid for further few days. 



Crosta 11 restaurant is located at 211-B, Tulip Block, opposit to Bahria Golf & Country Club, Sector C, commercial zone. Near to The Great Mall. 

For more details & Delivery:


Crosta 11, Attendants Services

Arranging a stress free event or a party at home is always hectic. To avoid this worry and make your event well-organized Crost 11 reataurant recently introduced a new service for the residents. As it can be seen in above picture, the service includes:


  • Free home delivery.
  • 2 waiters at your place.
  • Food presentation.
  • Complete serving of the food till your guest leave.


Rs. 1,999/-


Minimum order:
Rs. 15,000/-


I think it’s a good initiative, because everyone needs these kind of services for a well organzied event at home. Moreover, Crosta 11 also have a separate business of event management, and the crew they’ll provide are the professional and part of their catering business. But, the only negative point of the service is the obligation to place an order with Crosta 11. It would be a more relief, if we can only just hire their attendants for events.


For more details:

Location: 211-B, Tulip Block, Sector C, Commercial zone, opposite Bahria Golf & Country Club.

Tel: ‭0311 1903111‬

12 Rabi-ul-Awal Discounts

Due to 12 Rabi-ul-Awal, two of the restaurants are now offering discounts on their entire menu.

Lighthouse Cafe:

Lighthouse cafe is located at main Canal road, adjacent to Yasir Broast and PSO filling station. They are offering flat 30% discount on entire menu.


Promo Code: LIGHT12

Contact no: 042-35454066

Crosta 11:

Crosta 11 is located at 211-B, sector C opposite to Bahria Golf & Country Club. Previously, there was upto 20% discount and but now they are offering flat 12% discount on complete menu. This offer is valid for three days and wil be end at 3rd, December.


Contact no:

Crosta 11 Barbecue

Winters are now here and there are many things we always wanted to have in winters. Well, one of them is grilled food, that is always an essential thing that we need in every season. But ultimately in winters, the consumption and craving for grilled food increases. Many Barbecue enthusiasts still struggling to find a right place where they can get perfect grilled and mouth-watering Barbecue. For Barbecue, it is hard to find perfect combination of marination, perfectly cooked internally & externally, and most importantly it should be hygienic. Well, there are many options for Barbecue in Bahria Town but only few of them are satisfying. Almost every restaurant have Barbecue items on their menu along with other foods, but not all have the ideal and exquisite taste for our buds. I haven’t tried all of the Barbecue options in Town, but here are the review of one of them which I recently tried and that are quite satisfying and good value for money so far.


Crosta 11 Barbecue:

If you’re a Barbecue lover and still haven’t find a true Barbecue spot, then Crosta 11 is one of the option for you in Bahria Town. Crosta 11 was opened in Bahria Town this year, few months ago. They have put much more effort to make it different from other restaurants in town. Somehow they’ve manage to give much needed services, taste and best possible ambience for the residents. Recently, Crosta 11 also gave flat 20% discount on whole pizza menu. Few days back I went to Crosta 11 and tried its Barbecue. It has the complete range of Barbecue food including Chicken tikka, Malai Boti, Seekh Kabab, Reshmi Kabab, Fish kabab and Fish tikka.


Personal Experience:

My experience of Barbecue out there was perfectly up-to the mark.Because, first of all, the taste of all its products is fresh, well cooked, and the spices are balanced. They aren’t much spicy but if you want to have maximum piquancy then you’ve the option to get topped up more ‘Masala’ later. Their Rashmi Kabab, Chicken Tikka and Fish tikka are flavrous as compare to their ‘Malai Boti’ which isn’t much delicious as it should be more soft and juicy. Most importantly, any Barbecue without pure ‘Mint Raita’ and special ‘Sauces’ is totally waste. No matter how good the taste is, without these two things you won’t be satisfied. Moreover, their Mint Raita is fully healthy, in which you find small amount of tomatos, cucumber and black pepper. The yougurt they used in Mint Raita is totally pure without any addition of water. Secondly, they’ve two kinds of Sauces served with Barbecue with no extra charges. The dipping sweet and sour sauces of your choice are made with natural ingredients and it looked fresh. And how can I forget about their ‘Roghni Naan’?. It is much better than regular Naan and highly recommended rather than plain or simple Roti. Because their Naan are Crispy yet soft and makes ideal collaboration with Barbecue. I haven’t tried other Naans, they’ve also Kalvanji Naan, Garlic Naan, and plain Naan. The price of Roghni Naan is Rs 35/- and the price of Kalvanji Naan is Rs 40/-.


They have ample of indoor and outdoor sitting space, two things can make your Barbecure feast double, if the restaurant has rooftop and patio sitting plans in this winter. So for those who are looking forward to have a hot, fresh and warmer Barbecue with outdoor sitting then Crosta 11 is of the best options we’ve in Bahria Town. Cleanliness, overall atmosphere and services are appropriate and you’ll witness it on your visit. Here are the prices of its Barbecue mentioned below:



Chicken Seikh Kabab: Rs 600/-
Malayi Boti: Rs 700/-
Chicken Tikka: Rs 495/- *limited*
Fish Kabab: Rs 700/-
Fish tikka: Rs 800/-



Crosta 11 is located at 211-B, sector C tulip block. Opposite to Bahria golf & country club. And also few minutes drive away from Grand Jamya mosque and Gulf centre.


Due to some reason I was unable to take the pictures of the food and everything. But from now onwards I will make sure to capture everything perfectly to share it here. Now if you have not tried this place yet than you should make a visit. Share your reviews about it and other Barbecue experiences below in comment section.


For more details & orders: