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Sawera Milk Shop

Last month, Al-Baik milk shop was opened and now another dairy shop has opened by the name of Sawera Milk Shop. There are more than four milk shops set up in Bahria Town in the last two to three months. The official opening of Sewara milk shop was held yesterday, due to its official opening they are offering one litre free milk on purchase of two litres. Right now, Sawera milk shop is only selling fresh milk & yogurt. The owner told me that their dairy farm is located at Pak Patan city, the milk is extracted back there. He also said that their milk is 100% pure without any mixing of water and any other chemicals.


Sawera Milk Shop is located at 134-B, Dubai Tower, Sector C commercial zone near to Girls Hostel.


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Hamza Milk Farm Is Closed:

Hamza Milk Farm was opened in Bahria Town back in the month of June, this year. I wrote about its opening back then and now writing about its closing. This milk shop has closed its doors two weeks ago. The reason is same, they didn’t managed to make much customers and eventually wiped out. Moreover, they have now shifted to Gulberg-2.

Al-Baik Milk & Foods

The trend of dairy shops has changed and there is no doubt in it, mostly dairy shops in Bahria Town also adopted the new patterns and standards. But, still finding a hygienic and atleast near to a pure ‘Dairy Shop’ is way too hard. And everyone is more concerned about the purity and un-mixed dairy products. Though, everyone claimes that they are selling 100% pure dairy products. However, only few names are note-worthy which are close enough providing better quality of dairy products. Organica Milk Shop, Adil Mik Shop, Hamza Milk Farm etc are the few names (haven’t tried all the options yet). You can also check the complete list of ‘Fresh Milk Shops’ in telephone directory.


Recently, in two months more than four dairy shops are opened in Bahria Town. For now, another shop has opened approximately twenty days ago, by the name of ‘Al-Baik Milk and Foods’. It is owned and manged by ‘Al-Baik Dairies’. They claimed that, their milk is totally pure and they only sell that milk which is extracted within last 24 hours. And the milk extracted, stored and packed by computerised machines. Moreover, no humans and any manual way is included in all the procedure. They are also selling Deesi Ghee, Desi Eggs, Yogurt, Almond Milk, Fresh farm Cream and Lassi. Free home delivery is also available for the residents. Secondly, you can also fill below form for home delivery and drop it to their shop only once.


  • Milk: Rs 100/- per liter.
  • Desi Ghee: Rs 1000/- Kg.
  • Yogurt: Rs 100/- Kg.
  • Farm Cream: Rs 400/- Kg.
  • Desi Eggs: Rs 180/-
  • Lassi: Rs 60/-
  • Almond Milk Bottle: Rs 60/-


Opening time: 7:00 am.
Closing time: 10:00 pm.



‘Al-Baik Milk and Foods’ is located at 100-A sector C, commercial zone.

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Organica Milk Shop

Everyone knows that Milk is a complete pack of nutrition and have tremendous benefits for our body. It is the main source for a perfect health and wellness. Well, I am not going to write about its benefits and what it does to our body after drinking a single glass daily. Because, we all are  well acquainted about its drastic advantages. Few days back we all had witnessed some serious rumors about the milk in media. There is no doubt that it was an eye-opener for all of us. Because most of the famous and renowned milk brands are also included in that rumor. After that, those who wasn’t much anxious on the selection of milk for their kids. They became more critical and selective on milk. Everyone showing more concern now whether the milk they’re consuming is pure or not. We also get few comments relating to the milk, that which is the pure organic one in whole Bahria Town. We’ve plenty of options for milk shopes in our market. We couldn’t tried all of them but some of them has maintained the quality of milk and customers are satisfied. Like Adil Milk Shop, Hamza Farm milk, Dodh Wala etc. But, still no one can guarantee that they’re providing 100% pure milk.

Well, about 2 months ago ‘Organcia Milk Shop’ has opened. And it is one of those shops which are providing quality milk to the residents. When I visited the shop I observed that its hygienic standards are sufficiently up-to the mark. They claimed that their milk is 100% pure and free from any preservatives. Those who are still wandering in search of pure milk or near to a pure one then you should give one try to Organica Milk Shop. Fatima dairy farm is the source of Organica Milk shop. Moreover, this shop is open 24/7 and you can get milk anytime by visiting it or by a call. Home delivery is also available for the residents of Bahria town without any extra charges.

Per liter: Rs 100/-


Organcia Milk Shop is located at 118 Palm tower, Sector C commercial area Chambeli block. Few minutes drive away from Talwar chowk and main boulevard.

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