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KaamLow Services

We already know about the several online services and online departmental stores that are providing daily necessities at our doorstep. Comparatively, among the available options, Nokaronline is one of the prominent names that has been offering all kinds of home maintenance services, grocery items, car wash service, dairy products, fruits and vegetable etc on phone call. Likewise, KaamLow Services is another option for the residents in Bahria Town. They started their services in Bahria Town a few months back and already operational in Valencia and Wapda Town. Here is the list of services by KaamLow:


  • Electrician Services.
  • Plumber Services.
  • Gardner Services.
  • Beautician Services.
  • Mobile Car Wash.
  • Maid Services.
  • Tutor on call.
  • Doctor & Driver on call.


To get all the above services on a monthly basis KaamLow Services have three different membership options including Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The prices and number of services are different in each package. 


Bronze Member Services: Price Rs 3,000/-

  1. Gardener.
  2. Electrician.
  3. Plumber.
  4. Beautician.


Silver Member Services: Price Rs 8,000/-

  1. Gardener.
  2. Electrician.
  3. Plumber.
  4. Beautician.
  5. Maid Services.
  6. Mobile Car Wash.


Gold Member Services: Price Rs 16,000/-

  1. Gardener.
  2. Electrician.
  3. Plumber.
  4. Beautician.
  5. Tutor.
  6. Doctor.
  7. Driver. 
  8. Maid Services.
  9. Mobile Car Wash.


Office Address: 199-A, Sector C, Commercial Zone, a few minutes drive away from Talwar Chowk and near to sabbay beauty salon & training institute.



Opening time: 9:00 AM.

Closing time: 5:00 PM.


Contact number:


Car Wash Service

Nokar online is one of the best services we have in Bahria town. It first started in Bahria town only. Due to its positive response by the residents, this service is now also available in Canal Garden, Sukh Chan Gardens and Dream Gardens. While using this service you’ll get everything by one phone call. Recently, we’ve also updated all the details about this service. To check these details click here.


Few days back they’ve started a new service, by the help of this service you can get your car washed at your door step. Charges of this service are quite decent as compare to other service stations in Bahria town. However, it is one of the requisite service we now have in our town.



Car wash: Rs 200/-
Body polish: Rs 150/-
Interior polish: Rs 150/-
Compund: Rs 300/-
Monthly package: Rs 1800/-


Moreover, there are no extra charges other than above mentioned charges.

For booking & information: