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Security Instructions By Security Department Bahria Town

Below is the official statement from Bahria Town security department for the residencies of Bahria Town Lahore.

  1. It is again announced for all respectable residents of BTL (Bahria Town Lahore) to please inform Security Department before leaving the house. Security Department will not be responsible for any loss in your absence if you would not inform the administration.
  2. Keep your valuable things, jewelry, deposits, cash, etc in bank locker or take it with you.
  3. For security purpose, secure your windows with grills and install security home alarm system. Make sure to turn on the alarm system before leaving the house.
  4. Don’t keep more than 50,000 cash at home and you can keep only 6-7 tola jewelry at home.
  5. Don’t appoint domestic servants without National Identity Card and a card issue by Bahria Town Security Headquarter and Vigilance Department. Owner will fined if servant or maid found to be without security card.
  6. Visit your servant’s residence and confirm his or her identity.
  7. If you notice any suspicious person regularly come in your area, immediately call Security Department on numbers mention below: Bahria Security Mohlnalwal: 042-111-282-283, 042-35963624-5 and 04237862567-69, Bahria Security Orchard: 0311-183-1111, 04235451513 and 04235451519
  8. Check the locks of entrance doors and windows and in case of any fault immediately fix it. Make it sure that you have all duplicate keys of your house in your own custody.
  9. Keep the lights switch on when you go out for short time.
  10. Don’t lock the main gate from outside rather lock it from inside (so that no one can trace that house is empty).
  11. Stand your car in garage and save it with tracker. Lock the bikes with wire lock. Don’t wash your car on road as it will not only make the road dirty but to also avoid inconvenience for your neighbors.
  12. It is to inform you that don’t keep servant/maid from Jaranwala, Samandari and Toba Take singh. In case of high compulsion, check his or her residence otherwise in case of any robbery or unpleasant incident administration will not be responsible.
  13. Keep your pet dog at home and whenever you go out with them hold your pet with a chain.
  14. Labor working in under construction project should have labor pass issued by Security Headquarter. No worker or labor is allowed in BTL after 6 pm.
  15. Construction material i.e., barring etc, is not allowed to load on Rakshaw, Chingchi or donkey cart.
  16. Don’t allow children under 18 for driving a car or bike. There should not be more than two persons on bike and use of helmet is compulsory.
  17. Stop your children to play on road to avoid any unpleasant incident.
  18. Instructions for servants after having security pass:

a. Don’t give house keys to the servants . They should not have access to the bedrooms and keep an eye on their activity.

b. Ask your servants not to go outside and prohibit them from unnecessary interaction with other servants.

c. There is no permission for in/out of any household/commercial stuff without NOC.

d. Send your valuable suggestions about security to us on following address:

Security Headquarter Iris Block Bahria Town Lahore Tel # 042-37862567


Security Headquarter Bahria Orchard Office near Gate no. 2 Bahria Orchard. Tel# 042-35451513, 35451529, 0311-1831111

19. Leave a responsible person or a watchman if you are leaving your house for more than one day.

Note: It is an appeal for all respectable resident of BTL to follow all above mentioned instructions or in other case you will responsible for your any kind of loss and also you will not get insurance .

Boom And Fall In Property Investment At Bahria Town Lahore

In Pakistan if any person is investing in property to earn money, then they have only two names in mind.

  1. DHA
  2. Bahria Town

All Pakistani investors and overseas Pakistani’s who make their properties in Pakistan have just these two names on top of their list.

Booming 4 Years of Property Investment In Bahria Town Lahore

We’ve recently experienced the boom period in history of Bahria Town Lahore. ┬áThat period was from 2009 to 2013. We’ve seen extra ordinary gain in prices of residential and commercial plots. Amazingly that extraordinary gain in prices of plot wasn’t artificial, that was real.

Let me give you some examples of that prices categorically.

  • Residential Plots: From 15 lac to 65 lac (10 Marla plots)
  • Commercial Plots: From 30 lac to 10 crore (5 Marla Main boulevard plots)

I’m not talking about 10 or 20 years here, this gain is within four years. People who have worked in Bahria Town Lahore in these four years have make the money of their lifetime. Many people left their businesses to invest in Bahria Town Lahore and even started their own property offices over here. Continue reading Boom And Fall In Property Investment At Bahria Town Lahore