Ayyan Tikka:

Tel: 0345-4376193
Address: Opposite main entrance, adjacent to Zakir Tikka.

Ajmeer Restaurant:

Contact: 0307-7532343
Address: Dubai Tower Sector C Bahria Town.

AA Murgh Chanay

Contact: 0322-4073202
Address: 193-B Sector C Bahria Town.

Adil Bar B.Q & Sajji:

Contact no: 0333-3482000
Address: D Market, Shaheen block near Eagle mall.

Burger Fix:

Tel: 0311-121211, 0311-1121213
Address: D-Market, Shaheen Block, Sector B.

Belly Bell:

Tel: 0332-4466165
Address: 23 Spring, Commercial Area.

Bread & Bean-Cafe & Grill:

Tel: 042-35249551
Address: 62-AA Block, Sector D, adjacent to Smokehouse Grill.

Broadway Pizza:

Tel: 111-339-339
Address: 905, Canal bank road, next to Jalal Sons.

Bhatti Grill.

Tel: 0300-0723274
Address: Commercial Area Sector B

Baboo’s Tandoor.

Tel : 042-35340228
Address: 1-A Shaheen Block D-2 Plaza Sector B.

But Karahi.

Tel : 042-35341119.
Address: Main Canal Road.

Best Pizza In Town

Contact: 0334-7717050
Address: Umar Block Bahria Town

Biryani Master:

Tel: 0334-9296239
Address: Main boulevard Sector C, opposite to Grand Jamya Mosue.

Boon Pizza.

Contact no: 0320-4097038-39
Address: Shop no. 9 Shahkam Chowk, Near Bahria Town, Lahore.

Burger 18.

Contact no: 0310-4816698, 042-35976338
Address: 226-B, Sector C Tulip Block near Grand Jamia Mosque, Bahria town Lahore.

Clove Restaurant:

Address: Bahria Corporate Office, Bahria Orchard.


Tel : 0323-3336031, 0323-3336032
042-35341600, 042-35341606
Address: 7-Shaheen, Commercial sector B, Bahria town Lahore.

Cafe N2:

Tel: 0300-4738099
Address: 183-B, Jasmine Block, Sector C, Behind Girls Hostel.

China Wok.

Contact no: 042-35341868
Address: 11-C Executive Lodges Commercial Bahria Town, Lahore.

Cafe Rockstar:

Tel:0323 4565008
Address:213- Metro Gulf Centre, Tulip Extension Block, Sector C

Chick & Chilli.

Tel: 0300-9440199
Address: 18-G Eagle Mall Bahria Town.

Chilli Kabana.

Tel : 0321 3814444
Address: Opp Main Gate Bahria Town Canal Road.

Croasta 11:

Tel: 0311-1903111
Address: 211-B Tulip ext, Opposite bahria golf and country club sector C.


Tel : 0300-0436360
Address: Shop no 3 Ground Floor. D-1 Plaza.

Cock n Bull:

Tel: 042-37862881, 042-37862882
Address: Main boulevard, Sector C near Talwar Chowk.

Desi Devine:

Tel: 0307-4569291
Address: Main Road, Commercial Area, Overseas A.

Doner Guru:

Tel:92 315 4661179
Address: 119-B, Jasmine Block, Sector C, Near Girls Hostel.


Contact no: 111-366-466.
Address: Canal Road, near to Hamadan Housing Society. Opposite Sector A, Bahria Town, Lahore.

Dip N Taste.

Tel: 0312-4228929
Address: Opp. Ravi Restaurant Sector C.


Contact no: 042-37862720, 0316-9008325.
Address: 157-A Commercial Sector C Near Talwar Chowk.

Food Palace:

Tel: 0308-0453280
Address: 63, Main Road, Umer Block, Sector C.


Contact no:  03314448000.
Address:  Quid Block Facing Eiffel Tower, Bahria Town.


Contact no: 042-37861101
Address: 152/B, Sector C Commercial Opp. Jasmine Mall, Bahria town Lahore.

Fire House Pizza.

Contact no: 0304-6945500, 0320-6945500
Address: Shop no 14 Metro Heights Talwar Chowk Sector C Bahria town Lahore.

Fairways Rendezvous.

Tel : 042-35963851
Address: Bahria Country Club Sector C.

Gold Restaurant:

Tel; 0301–3089999
Address: Cinegold Plex, Sector F.

Grill Cottage.

Tel : 0331-4272121,042-35341227
Address: Main Canal Road Opp. Bahria Main Entrance.

Galaxy Food Point:

Contact no: 0334-4839377
Address:219-A Sector C Commercial Area Bahria Town Lahore.

Grill Inn.

Tel : 0321-4543421
Address: Opposite Main Gate Bahria Town.

Ghousia Nehari & Karahi Tikka.

Contact no: 0300-8859504
Address:145-B Commercial area Sector C Bahria town Lahore.


Tel: 0334-932376
Address: D-Market, Shaheen Block, Sector B. Behind Eagle Mall.

HOB-House Of Burgers:

Tel: 0309-6070029
Address: Main Road, Umer Block, Sector C, Opposite to Malik Bhai Uniform.

Honey Beans

Contact: 0300-9421536
Address: Tulip Road Opp Country Club Sector C.

Hot N Spicy.

Contact no: 042-35341136-37
Address: 14-Shaheen Block Bahria Town Lahore.

Hungary Head.

Contact no: 0333-1700500, 0314-7005009
Address: 114-B Commercial Sector C, Near Girls Hostel Bahria Town Lahore.

Haji Sardar Fish.

Tel : 042-35341119.
Address: Main Canal Road.

Haji Pervaiz Chanay Walay & Chatkhara House.

Tel: 0302-4879487
Address: Shop no 3, D-1 Shaheen Block

Imran & Al-Razzaq.

Tel : 0336-4734604
Address: 123-A Sector C.

Jamin Java.

Tel : 042-37862171
Address: Main Boulevard Near Talwar Chowk Sector C.


Tel: 111-532-532.
Address: Food Court, Safari Villas. Sector B

Karachi Naseeb Biryani:

Tel: 0310 8820944‬
Address: Chambaili Block, Sector C, Commercial zone near to Freshly.

Karachi BBQ & Biryani:

Tel: 0317-4000595
Address: 105-B, Jasmine Block, Sector C.

Lazzat Hotels & Restaurants:

Tel: 0301-4618410
Address: 101A-103A, Chambaili Block, Sector C.

LightHouse Cafe:

Tel: 042-35454066
Address: Main canal road, adjacent to Yasir Broast.

Lahori Khabay:

Tel: ‭0313 8000772‬
Address: 25- AA Block, Surahi Chowk, Sector D.

Lahore Chatkhara:

Tel: 0324-0117886
Address: Shop no D-8, D plaza market, Shaheen Block, Sector B.

Little Diner:

Tel: 0302-9366505
Address: Main Road, Umer Block, Sector C, Opposite Adeeba Valley Store.

Khokha House of taste:

Tel: 042-37862397
Address: 219-A commercial area sector C , near grand jamya mosque.

Manhattan Bites:

Tel : 0300-0200457
Address: Main Boulevard, Opposite to Grand Jamya Mosque, Sector C.

Middle East Cuisine:

Tel: 0312-4000864, 042-37861717
Address: 194-A Sector C Commercal area Opp. Ravi Restaurant Bahria town Lahore.


Tel : 0331-4272121
Address: Opp. Main Bahria Entrance Canal Road.

Munch Time.

Contact no: 0346-0463003, 0306-4955022
Address:Defence Road Shaheen Hospital Near DTI Shahkham Chowk Mohlanwal Lahore.


Tel: 0331-4478624
Address: Adjacent Jasmine Mall, Sector C.

Masala Twist.

Contact no: 0324-4085021
Address: 1st floor Meteo Heights Talwar Chowk Bahria town Lahore.

Mauj Tandoor.

Contact no: 0321-4971212, 0322-4971212
Address: Metro Gulf Centre Shop no. 2 Bahria rown Lahore.

Mudassar Bar B.Q.

Contact no: 0324-5200100, 0320-8500300

Milano Pizza.

Contact no: 0304-0640687
Address: 110-B Sector C Bahria town Lahore.

Master Chefs:

Contact: 0300-4247789
Address: Sector C Commercial Zone Bahria Town.

Maddani Sajji.

Tel : 0305 4622615
Address: Shop no 6 Ghuari Market Ghuari Block Sector B.

Noor Pizza & Burger.

Tel: 0323-8852931
Address: Shop no 5 Sector C Commercial.

Namak Family Restaurant

Contact: 111-333-555
Address: 13- Shaheen Centre Bahria Town.

Nageena Murgh Chanay

Tel: 0323-8862003
Address: D-1 Plaza Sector B Bahria Town

One Potato Two Potato.

Tel : 042-111-116-787
Address: 252 Takbeer Block.

Pizza Max:

Tel: 042-111-629-111
Address: Plaza 1F-B. Next to Gloria Jeans, Talwar Chowk, Sector C.


Contact no: 0321-4212316, 042-35340157
Address: Shop no 14, D1 Plaza Shaheen Block, Bahria town Lahore.

Pizza 2 Go.

Contact no: 0333-3808048, 0321-5454647
Address : 19-AA first floor Sector Bahria Town Lahore.

Pizza Hut.

Tel: 111-241-241
Address: Food Court Bahria Town.

Pizza Junction.

Contact no: 0304-1111000
Address : 153-B Sector C Bahria Town Lahore.

Pan & Grill:

Tel: 0310-4488230
Address: Talwar Chowk, Next to Gloria Jeans, Sector C.


Tel: 0311-0307827
Address: Food Court, Sector B Safari Villas.

Red Chilli.

Contact no: 0324-4466553, 042-35341533
Address : Food Court Bahria Town.
Tower 1 Raiwind road Bahria Orchard.

Ravi Restaurant.

Contact no: 042-37862888, 0322-8686386
Address : 176-A Sector C Bahria Town Lahore.

Roti Tukkar:

Tel: 0309-4992900
Address: CC Block, Sector D, Adjacent to Khan Juice.


Contact no: 042-35340831,
Address : Sector B Safari Bahria Town Lahore.

Safari Grill Restuarant.

Tel: 0300-07232274
Address: Sector C Commercial Zone Bahria Town.

Sip n Bite.

Contact no: 0348-0431278
Address: 184-B Commercial Sector C Shop No G1 Bahria Town.

Sheikh Jee.

Tel : 0300-4272370
Address: 114-B, Jasmine Block, Sector C.

Shavi Hut:

Tel: 0321-4717579
Address: Shop no 16, ground floor, main road AA Block, Sector D near to Surahi Chowk.

SmokeHouse Grill:

Tel: 0300-0453471
Address: AA block, Surahi Chowk, Opposite to Mart One.


Contact no: 042-35454040
Address : Main Canal Road Bahria Town Lahore.

The Clove Restuarant & Grill.

Tel : 042-35451556
Address: Bahria Cooperate Office Bahria Orchard.

The Fine Eatery.

Tel: 0334-1234518

Address:226-B Tulip Block, Sector C commercial srea near grand jamaya mosque.

What’a Paratha:

Tel: 03-111-100-927 .

Address: Main canal road, near main entrance, adjacent to Yasir broast.

Yasir Broast.

Tel: 042-35454122-4
Address: Near Shahkam Chowk Adjacent PSO Pump Canal Road.

Yummy’s 36.

Contact no: 0305-4622615, 0334-9932376
Address : Shaheen Block, 24 Commercial Area Bahria Town Lahore.

Zaiqa Restaurant:

Contact : 0333-9774838
Address:  122-B / Commercial Sector C Bahria town.

Zest Restaurant.

Tel: 0305-4100016
Address: 194-B Sector C Commercial Area Bahria town.

Zest 2:


Address: Near Biryani Master, 32-B, side C, commercial area.