The Long Awaited Flyover

One of the major and chaotic issue of Bahria Town we have been facing for years is the entry/exit point at Shahkam Chowk. We have discussed it several times with a hope that sooner or later the construction of flyover or underpass at Shahkam Chowk will start. We have also updated all other available alternate routes in Bahria Town here. But, despite approval of this project various times by Lahore Development Authority from since 2015 till now nothing had happened.


However, again another notification has been circulating on social media about the approval of flyover at Shahkam Chowk by city authorities. The notification is attached below. According to some real estate consultants, the flyover will linkup Shakam to Sharakpur and Shahdara. The project will be around 16 km’s and it will be completed in one year. The estimated cost will be more than 11 billion and the government has also acquired 200 kanal of land. 


Well, there is no doubt that the residents of Bahria Town would be greatly relieved once the project will start and complete. But, the thing is we have heard and listened to this news for the last 4 years. So, we still need to hold our horses until the groundwork starts out there.

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  1. I have heard a different story from another person who attended this meting. They are going to build bridge and also seen some men working today at the location.

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