What’a Paratha Is Closed

This time it’s What’a Paratha that didn’t make it and closed the doors in Bahria Town. It was opened in Town this year in April. And, today I saw a banner with a sign of “for rent” over the building where it was located.


After seeing this, I thought its Bakra Eid so maybe they’re on days off. I contacted them to verify this. But, they confirmed that they’ve closed Bahria’s branch. They told me the branch is temporarily closed. It will re-open again in Bahria Town with a more suitable location. Most probably somewhere inside the Town. It was located on the main canal road, next to Yasir Broast. 


Well, for all the fans of What’a Paratha for the time being it is closed. I will update you whenever they find another location for it. 

One thought on “What’a Paratha Is Closed”

  1. Please also conduct a research about failure of the businesses in Bahria Town Lahore.

    I went to Cackes & Bakes canal road for coke 6 bottle pack , price they told was Rs. 510.
    Adjacent to them Jalal sons was selling same at Rs. 414
    After purchasing at Rs 414 I had broght this to knowldge if Cackes & Bakes cashier.

    It was a huge difference. They are looting .
    How such business can survive. I will never go again to Cackes & Bakes.

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